Suits For Every Occasion

Over the last couple of years I have had to wear a suit on a more regular basis than normal. If I’m honest this is something I have had to do before, however I have always been a jeans and T-shirt with a hoodie type of person. Previously I have had to only wear a suit on my wedding day or maybe a christening of a friends baby.

As I said I have to wear a suit more often, because I need to look smart and professional when meeting brand PR’s, or attending blogging award nights or conferences. This is quite a change for me because being a painter and decorator, when going to work, I only needed my paint covered overalls.

When I started looking for suits for the number of functions I needed to attend, like a lot of people I browsed the internet and I came across a fantastic website called Suitsmen. They really do have everything I need.

I’m very fussy when it comes to clothes, and because I generally have not worn a suit on a regular basis, it’s very important to me that it fits well and I’m comfortable and of course I look good.

For everyday use I’m looking for a durable and hard wearing suit, that is also possibly machine washable. To save on dry cleaning costs. Something like this, which is smart and very professional looking.

With Christmas nearly upon us, it’s the time of year when there are many parties. We will be going to my wife’s works party, and this is a black tie event. I have never owned a tuxedo, but I guess it’s time I bought one, because over the next year I will be needing a tuxedo for events that are taking place in 2018. The cost of hiring a tuxedo is expensive, so I have made the decision to purchase one and I found this one which I think is very stylish.

So that’s it, I’m all sorted for a busy time in 2018 whether it’s business meetings or black tie events, I will have a suit that is suitable.

Do you wear a suit for work? Do you have a particular style that suits you? I would love to hear.

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