The Importance Of World Mental Health Day October 10th 2018

Being a man that grew up in a society that was basically conditioned and taught that men are strong and must at all costs never show weakness or become emotional, meant that it was almost impossible for me to open up about suffering from depression in my twenties. The stigma that surrounded men and depression of twenty or so ago was truly incredible. Admitting that I was not well and simply wasn’t coping with life, and that I hadn’t coped with life very well since my teenage years was tough. Ok you couldn’t see my illness. It was not like… [Read More]

A Woman’s Work Is Never Done Or Should It Be A Mans Work As Well?

The other day I was decorating in a property and the client was a lady in her mid-sixties. I was just getting on with the work which was papering one wall in the bedroom. Meanwhile she was pottering around and as she walked past the bedroom door, she announced to me that a woman’s work is never done. I turned and think I must have had a face of disbelief, because she instantly said to me you don’t agree? I have to be honest I spoke up and said no! Actually I don’t agree with that. Well, it’s certainly not… [Read More]

Let’s Talk About Thrush Guys! #Ad

I have always found it fascinating how different men and women are when it comes to talking about the more intimate health problems that we all can have at different times during our lives. As such I have teamed up with Canesten for their ‘Let’s Talk Health’ campaign. Canesten is opening up the conversation of talking about intimate health issues, with Thrush being top of the list. There is still very much a stigma around that word thrush, and quite honestly there shouldn’t be. After all it’s a very common yeast infection that is found in the skin of healthy… [Read More]

Physical Violence in Relationships 

I recently read a post by Alan at Omg it’s a girl about domestic violence, and that in Ireland there is a campaign underway. The statistics of domestic violence that Alan quoted were massive, but it didn’t surprise me one bit, especially the figures of domestic violence against men by their partners, wive’s or girlfriends. The post brought back some personal unhappy memories for me. Which I hadn’t thought about for a long while, but felt need to write it down. For years the stigma attached to men being abused by the women in their lives has been swept under… [Read More]

BIC SHAVE CLUB Has Arrived #Ad

When I think of razors, and particularly BIC razors, I always think of my first shave with their iconic orange one blade. Nostalgia of very first shaves with dad aside, BIC’s latest innovation, the all new and fantastic BIC SHAVE CLUB, offers the first ever refillable shaver from this time-tested, family-run company. This really is a whole new innovation and will save you money (not to mention time and frustration over finding the right blades at all the wrong moments). So what is so special about the new BIC SHAVE CLUB razor? Well let me tell you, first and foremost… [Read More]

Suits For Every Occasion

Over the last couple of years I have had to wear a suit on a more regular basis than normal. If I’m honest this is something I have had to do before, however I have always been a jeans and T-shirt with a hoodie type of person. Previously I have had to only wear a suit on my wedding day or maybe a christening of a friends baby. As I said I have to wear a suit more often, because I need to look smart and professional when meeting brand PR’s, or attending blogging award nights or conferences. This is… [Read More]

My Personal MOT with TENA Men 

To start the New Year I have teamed up with Tena Men to give myself a personal MOT. After all you wouldn’t drive around in a car without an MOT and the human body is no different. Men in general take very little notice of their health and well being. I’m sure we have inherited this from our youth. For me personally I was oblivious to health and fitness in my 20’s, but as I have got older I have discovered I’m not indestructible and the human body just like a car wears out. At the start of a new… [Read More]

Infertility is not just a woman’s issue

Sperm Check Fertility Test

As many people who read my blog know, my wife and I had IVF to conceive to our twins. Like others who go down the route of IVF, a lot of the focus is on the woman. You see society puts pressure on women when it comes to fertility issues, but did you know that studies show men contribute to 50% of infertility cases. The misconception that men don’t have a ‘biological clock’ is simply untrue. Yes, you get exceptions like Billy Joel for example who had a child aged 66, but that’s not the norm. Male fertility requires men… [Read More]