Superhero v Princess

I am dad to four year old twin girls and you would not believe how their personalities and characters are so completely different.


R was born first by two minutes and this girl loves Captain America, Superman and her all time favourite Spider-Man, and just about every other Superhero. What has fascinated me is that she has not been influenced by her older brother. Just quite simply one day Spider-Man became a very big obsession, but why, I ask.
I have no idea. I like superheroes but I am far from obsessed. The girls mostly watch CBeebies and there are no superheroes there. R just likes those types of characters. During a visit to the supermarket with their mum a couple of weeks ago they had dressing up costumes on sale. R picked Superman and M picked the Little Mermaid. When my wife went to pay the woman serving put the superman costume through the till and said oh you have a little boy too? R’s lip just dropped. How wrong! Girls are allowed to like Superheroes too.


She likes dolls as well, but in our stereo typical society it seems that girls are not allowed to like superheroes as it’s seen as a boy thing. Total rubbish!
It’s about time shops, especially supermarkets made a children’s clothing section that don’t make girls feel awkward about looking at superhero costumes.
M is the younger of the twins and there is no doubt she loves all the more stereotypical girl things.
She has a massive collection of dolls, loves anything pink and loves barbie, Anna, Elsa and yes, she also loves Prince Hans and Kristoff.


When dressing up she always opts for princesses, ballerinas or the little mermaid. So what does that mean?
Will she grow up to be a blonde with air between her ears and just do as she is told by a boyfriend/husband? Not a chance! She may like dressing as a princess, but she is intelligent, quick witted and a determined character and she knows exactly what she wants. The truth is she could be a doctor, lawyer or a white van woman driver.
They may be twins and born at the same time, but they are also very different and as a parent I feel we should embrace and encourage them to like whatever they want.


Society has a habit of deciding how the male should behave and what they should dress like and do. The same for women. Females should behave and dress in a certain way etc. In my opinion that’s total rubbish! Lets drag the world into 2016 screaming and kicking! It’s ok to be and like what you want whatever your gender. The world needs to be more tolerant of people’s choices. We would have a much happier world.


Whatever the girls become or do with their lives they will both be supported and loved 100% by Mummy and Daddy.

21 thoughts on “Superhero v Princess

  1. This is such a lovely post. So lovely reading about twins who are so different! I love seeing the photos you and Emily upload on Facebook. My youngest loves dressing up as super heroes and loves her boys toys. X

  2. This is great Nigel, really interesting. We talk all sorts about nature, nurture, why our children like this or that – but here are 2 girls, same age, environment, genes – who have gone different ways on this. Fascinating…

    1. Thank you Simon,it's certainly been an interesting journey,watching them grow over the last four years and watching their characters,personalities develop,and how different they are. I'm sure that I will be writing similar posts as they get older and continue to change.

  3. I love this post Nigel and I love that M and R are free to embrace their own passions and interests. It's fascinating that twins of the same gender can be so different. I'm so disappointed to hear the person at the check out presumed it was for a boy. It makes me so sad that children get conditioned into 'this is for girls' or 'this is for boys'. Let toys be toys and let kids be kids, I say.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Cath,yes it is fascinating watching them develop in quite different ways,but exciting and fun to watch 🙂

  4. It's great that they both have different personalities and interests. I find twins fascinating! Hope the girls had an amazing birthday! Thanks for linking up with #Shareitsunday 🙂

  5. I love this post! And have written one on a similar theme about society dictating what our girls should wear and how they behave. Like R youngest loves spiderman and will often dress up as him, wearing the mask but then sometimes she chooses to add in a princess dress into the mix, just because if you can't do that at three years old then when can you! However, this seems to cause much confusion amongst some adults who tell her that she shouldn't be wearing a spiderman mask as she is a girl! #bestandworst

  6. I love the way they are so different!! It's great that they have their own loves and interests. How bad about the stereotyping 🙁 It really shouldn't matter. Kids should be who they want to be. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  7. Such a great post. This is so well written and vets your point across very well. A point I wholeheartedly agree with by the way. My daughter loves playing with cars and trains and so does my son but he also loves playing with his princess Holly dolly and why shouldn't he 🙂

  8. Very interesting. I wonder if it is a way for them to each keep their own individuality. Mine likes both superheros and princesses, but leans towards superheros, pitates and things of that nature. We certainly don't call them "boy" things around here

  9. What a lovely post and such lovely photos. It's nice they're both different, if they both always wanted the same costume you'd never hear the end of it! It's such a shame that people still say things like the checkout assistant, that would also mean H couldn't play with cars… she loves cars. #bestandworst

  10. It's sad how unacceptable some people still find it to let kids play with what they want to. There's no such thing as girl or boy toys, they're just toys. Same with clothes. #binkylinky

  11. Now then Nigel, yesterday I took part in a panel discussion at the Women of the World festival about childcare. One of the women on the panel was an Icelandic nursery school teacher who had worked in the UK. She collared me afterwards and said the UK has some very rigid approaches to gender roles. She also told the story of a boy in Iceland from one of her schools who wanted to make his own policeman uniform for a party. He chose a flowery, orange fabric. Tells yo all you need to know, right?

  12. I think it's lovely that they both have such different likes and personalities. My two boys are the same and Noah likes dolls and pushchairs. This is something I have never not encouraged. Thanks for hosting #binkylinky xx

  13. It's great that both girls have such different personalities, just shows we don't all have to be the same – even twins! My boy carries around a Miss Hoolie doll – the nursery teacher from Balamory, but he also loves all things that are considered sterotypical 'boys' things too. Let kids be kids and nuture their interests is what I believe. #SundayBest

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