Tomboy: Its Actually An Offensive Word If You Are Girl 

I recently read a post by my very good friend  Alan who blogs at OMG It’s A Girl called ‘Don’t call me tomboy’. It’s a truly brilliant post about his little girl. What I particularly like about the post is the history behind the word ‘tomboy’ and that it actually dated back to the 16th century, which as Alan said is where it belongs, completly right as well. Another blogger that I admire and have the utmost respect for is Simon who blogs at Man vs Pink. Simon has always written extensively about the gender stereotyping that is so prevalent towards our… [Read More]

My Little Superhero and Princess 

I wrote a post in March last year called Superhero v Princess. The post was all about my five year old twin girls and although there is only two minutes between them being born they really couldn’t be more different in their likes and dislikes. I have wondered for a long time whether it’s nurture or nature and I come to the conclusion that it really has to be nature. Neither my wife nor I are passionate about superheroes or princesses so they couldn’t possibly have been influenced by us. The girls have just turned five years old and after… [Read More]

Superhero v Princess

I am dad to four year old twin girls and you would not believe how their personalities and characters are so completely different.   R was born first by two minutes and this girl loves Captain America, Superman and her all time favourite Spider-Man, and just about every other Superhero. What has fascinated me is that she has not been influenced by her older brother. Just quite simply one day Spider-Man became a very big obsession, but why, I ask. I have no idea. I like superheroes but I am far from obsessed. The girls mostly watch CBeebies and there… [Read More]