Teaching Our Children Boundaries That Others Should Not Step Beyond

Teaching our children boundaries is so important to me, but it is not only the boundaries that they shouldn’t step beyond, it is also teaching them the boundaries that other people shouldn’t overstep with them. Our children, I believe, need to the learn to use the word NO, and to say, “Please don’t do that because it makes me feel uncomfortable”, and, “I quite simply don’t like it”. People take liberties with children and so often go one step too far because invariably children don’t know how to say no in an authoritative enough way to make an adult understand… [Read More]

Do children need boundaries/rules?

Of course they do! It’s ridiculous to think or believe that they shouldn’t. One of my gripes is parents who say that they want their children to grow up free spirited. It’s madness! Even with a free spirt there has to be boundaries so that hopefully they will grow up to be well adjusted, polite, nice human beings and a credit to society and their family.  What do I consider boundaries that I have applied to my own children? To be truthful they are not strict hard and fast rules, but simple things that make them nice people and respect… [Read More]