Alcohol And Our Children

In the last couple of days I’ve learnt something that shocked me. Did you know that it is illegal to give a child under the age of five alcohol, however it is completely legal for a parent to give their child over the age of five alcohol in their own home. If I’m honest this is staggering. The fact that parents can teach their children drinking habits from the age of just five years old is just wrong. Surely this is a world gone mad! It’s where supposedly liberal parents see it fit to give children a substance such as… [Read More]

What have you given up for lent?

Lent is something that happens every year and it lasts 40 days. This year it started on February 14th and will end on March 29th. It always starts on Ash Wednesday and finishes on Holy Saturday over the Easter period. The idea of Lent is for Christians to reflect. It’s also a time of repentance, fasting and to prepare for Easter. Nowadays times have changed quite a bit from biblical times, possibly because we now have many more temptations, and bad habits that the human race has developed and we can consequently give up for Lent. The world has moved… [Read More]

21 Years of being a Parent


UPDATE  This post is the first one I have had published by the Huffington Post. Feeling very proud. I’ve been a parent for 21 years, therefore it’s fair to say it’s been a large part of my adult life. It’s actually crazy to think that it has been 21 years and it scares me to think about where the time has gone. I know everybody says it, but I do vividly remember my oldest daughter being born as if it was yesterday. Then, just the other day I was out shopping for cars with her. She now has a better… [Read More]

Drinking and Driving over the Festive Season

With the festive season in full swing it can be easy to get carried away. We all want to have a good time, but it’s important to be safe too. That also means ensuring that those around you are safe too. The opportunity to write this post landed in my inbox with pretty good timing to be honest. Last weekend a drunk driver sped down the road that I live on and crashed into a wall. Thankfully it happened in the early hours so no-one was around and no-one was hurt, but it could have been so different. It could… [Read More]