Dads Taking Their Daughters To The Mens Toilet

Today I will be speaking on the Radio at around 10am. A researcher phoned me from the Jason Mohammed show which is broadcast on Radio Wales to ask if I would like to be interviewed. The subject matter was dads taking their daughters to the mens toilet in public places. I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently a journalist had caused outrage on the ITV show, This Morning, saying that dads should not be taking their daughters to the mens toilet. So I thought I would give my thoughts and opinions on actually what I consider a ridiculous… [Read More]

Enpowering My Daughters To Be Whatever They Want To Be 

I am a father of five which includes four daughters that range in ages from 21 down to 5  year old twins. I worry about them because as much as I read about how equality for women is improving, it doesn’t seem to get any better. Not a day goes by without another incident of how women are unfairly dealt with in the workplace or in life in general. There is always so much talk of equality for women, but they never really get it. With four daughters I hope the world becomes a more equal world, although somehow I… [Read More]