My Health This Year. It’s Been Difficult To Accept

Yesterday saw me having to have yet another visit to my GP. This has become a common occurrence this year, and if I am brutally honest I have had enough of doctors, surgeries and hospitals. For around two to three days I have been having pains in my chest around the area where my little old heart is. This is not particularly unusual because since I had my stroke those pains come and go on a regular basis. It’s weird how you adjust your mind to accept things that your body does, and then you consider it normal. The truth… [Read More]

My Health Scare And The Meds I’ve been Taking

It’s about a month since my health scare and I haven’t worked for that month. I feel better, but the medication I was originally prescribed had a very adverse effect on me. The side effects were at times terrible to live with, of course when you are prescribed medication by a doctor, you take their word for it that they are ok, and the doctor knows best. That I have found is not the case, and you need to listen to your own body and mind, and speak out to the doctor and not suffer in silence, which is what… [Read More]

What my daughters sickness has taught me

It’s the early hours of the morning, whilst the world and everybody around me sleeps. I lay on a hospital bed awake next to one of my four year old twin girls, M. It has made me reflect on the experiences of the last few days. What these days have taught me is that no matter where you are, your children can be so very fragile. We don’t see this when they are healthy and full of energy. However it becomes more obvious when they’re lying on a hospital bed. It has also taught me to value every single moment with… [Read More]