2018 OMG! Certain Parts I Really Wouldn’t Want To Repeat Ever Again

My goodness what a year it has been for me. I have been tested to the limits both physically and mentally. It has been a rollercoaster ride of emotional turmoil that at times has left me wondering what the hell is life all about. I have learnt so much about myself. For starters, I am not indestructible as I have always thought I was. I’ve also learnt not to take anything for granted because life can be taken away in a split second. I have felt vulnerable and this has left me realising that I need to change how I… [Read More]

Our Body Weight. Are We Missing The Point?

A few years ago there was uproar over size zero models, and rightly so, especially as our teenager children were most likely watching this on social media, and could of easily start to believe that it is perfectly normal to be so underweight, which of course it’s not. We have since come full circle and now it seems just like society was trying to normalise being underweight, people are now trying to normalise being obese, because let’s be honest that’s what it is, morbidly obese. I hear and read the same old statement: “I’m happy with the way I am”…. [Read More]

I Just Don’t Feel The Man I Was

Since I had a stroke earlier this year so much has changed about the way I feel about myself. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and how I have changed, I just don’t feel the same. With the year of ill-health I have experienced it has made me put my life in perspective, but it has also left me feeling battered and bruised from the whole experience. Life just has a habit sometimes of kicking you between the legs when you least expect it. Many aspects of my life have changed and coming to terms with those changes is so… [Read More]