My Grooming Habits #MenWhoGroom Campaign #Ad

It still surprises me that in 2019 the concept of beauty is still heavily focused on women. This means that us men are left on the sidelines. The lack of inclusivity for men still staggers and actually offends me a little. I have my own grooming habits, like I’m sure a lot of men nowadays have. Gone are the days when all men would do is have a shave, slap on some aftershave and they were good to go. Nowadays men take a lot more thought and pride in their look. I know I certainly do. So when I was… [Read More]

Let’s Talk About Thrush Guys! #Ad

I have always found it fascinating how different men and women are when it comes to talking about the more intimate health problems that we all can have at different times during our lives. As such I have teamed up with Canesten for their ‘Let’s Talk Health’ campaign. Canesten is opening up the conversation of talking about intimate health issues, with Thrush being top of the list. There is still very much a stigma around that word thrush, and quite honestly there shouldn’t be. After all it’s a very common yeast infection that is found in the skin of healthy… [Read More]

#CheckYourChaps For Cancer

For their awareness month, male cancer charity Orchid wants all men to check themselves for the signs of testicular cancer as part of their #CheckYourChaps campaign.  The charity have just completed surveying the British public, revealing that on average only 32% of men are regularly checking themselves. Young men are even less likely to check themselves (only 1 in 4 do!) which is worrying as testicular cancer most commonly affects those aged between 15 and 45. The charity is also asking women to help encourage their partners or family members to put their hands down their pants a little more… [Read More]