My Grooming Habits #MenWhoGroom Campaign #Ad

It still surprises me that in 2019 the concept of beauty is still heavily focused on women. This means that us men are left on the sidelines. The lack of inclusivity for men still staggers and actually offends me a little. I have my own grooming habits, like I’m sure a lot of men nowadays have. Gone are the days when all men would do is have a shave, slap on some aftershave and they were good to go.

Nowadays men take a lot more thought and pride in their look. I know I certainly do. So when I was approached by Cosmetify to get involved with their #MenWhoGroom campaign I instantly thought absolutely! It’s about time men were included more. After all we want to look our best at all times too!

Cosmetify is a beauty and grooming discovery website that has over 100,000 products from thousands of brands and it includes various products such as shaving, electrical and beard care. It’s all at your fingertips! They are currently promoting the inclusion of men when it comes to discussing men’s grooming, and there is no doubt in my mind about how important that is. Men want to know about the latest products and what works well and maybe some products to stay away from too.

My own personal grooming habits have changed as I have got older. That’s probably because being a dad of five children can leave you with grey hairs and lots of lines on your face!

The products that I use on a regular basis are all made by L’oréal. I shower every day and I always use two of their products in the shower from the Hydra Energetic range. The first is the Wake-Up Effect Face wash. It is a deep cleansing wash and it really does wake up the skin. It contains Guarana and vitamin C. In the shower I also use the Taurine Shower wake up effect concentrate for the body and hair.

After I have showered I then use an Anti-Fatigue moisturiser which offers 24 hour hydration and has 5 actions on fatigue. The L’Oréal Hydra Energetic range suits me perfectly and helps me look my best at all times.

This campaign is so important to make beauty and grooming companies more aware that men like their beauty products as well which is the main reason why I’m taking part in this campaign. Times have moved on from when men just showered, shaved and splashed a bit of aftershave on for a night out. We like to feel and look good too. There is something else I always do and that’s to make sure I research any new products that I am planning to use. This is for a couple of reasons, one is to make sure they’re suitable for my skin and also to read other men’s experiences of the product. After all to read that something is highly recommended makes me want to go out and buy it and give it a try.

Do you have grooming habits? Are there any particular products that you use and would possibly recommend?

I would love to hear in comments below.

Disclosure: This is a paid post in collaboration with Cosmetify.

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