When Do You Stop Bailing Out Your Children?

When I was growing up I had very little. Money was always an issue. The truth is my mother didn’t have very much, and as the years went by I just accepted that what I was brought by my mother was what she could afford. The truth is I didn’t know any different, so I was always grateful because it was the norm to me. Being showered with gifts on a daily basis was definitely not me. As a child, on occasion I got myself in a bit of bother, whether it be financially or something else. I was left… [Read More]

My Parenting Mistakes OMG! There Are So Many

Being a parent, at the best of times is incredibly hard. Nothing is easy about it. It’s like no other job in the world. There is no training and so often no guidance, so it’s no surprise that people can be overcome with this 24/7 job that you have embarked upon. The biggest problem with being a mum or dad is that you never really know what your children are going to do next, which of course so often makes you look like you have made yet another mistake as a parent. A while ago I read a brilliant post… [Read More]

Five Common Types of Medical Misdiagnosis in the UK

According to statistics, the NHS in England and Wales treats a million people every thirty-six hours, and in 2014/15, carried out almost ten million operations, a figure that is on the rise. Across the country in the same time period, Accident and Emergency departments saw almost twenty million patients, and around fifteen million individuals were admitted to hospital. However, whilst the NHS may have been rated one of the best healthcare systems in the world in terms of safe care, efficiency and patient focus, it’s inevitable that mistakes can happen when dealing with such large numbers of patients. If avoidable… [Read More]