The Older I Get The More It Hurts: Siblings

Another year has passed and I’m another year older. The older I get, the more think of the estranged relationships I have with my brother and sister, and quite honestly it hurts a bit more every year. When I was born I had a mother, father, brother and sister. I have on many previous occasions written how this family nucleus became estranged and dysfunctional. However, cutting a long story short, I only have a relationship with my mum, and my father passed away a few years ago, not that it made any difference to our relationship because we simply didn’t… [Read More]

A Lone Dad in the Mum playground

My four year old twin girls started school a few days ago and for two days a week I will be taking and picking them up from school on my own and yes, I’m dreading! It maybe that I am worrying for no reason. I’m a father of five children and I’d take the three older ones to school on a regular basis. I remember vividly the lack of dads on the mum dominated playground and yes it was unnerving even when you stood near other mums that had children in the same class. I always felt like an outsider…. [Read More]

Let's just be parents

For some time now I have been reading lots of posts about stay at home dads or stay at home mums and gender stereotyping. If I’m honest I have a written a bit about this myself. I was thinking about how as a society we tend to label ourselves, but sometimes the labels we give ourselves can have a negative effect. One of the most used labels recently is the term, ‘stay at home dad’ or abbreviated to ‘SAHD’. I beg this question why. You certainly don’t see the over use of ‘stay at home mum’ or ‘SAHM’. I rarely… [Read More]

Today is about my Wife.

I can’t even begin to imagine or understand how you feel today because I have been lucky enough to have my mum in my life which sadly is something you have not had for many years I’m sure it actually doesn’t get any easier as the years go by to deal with the loss of your mum. I wanted you to know how much I love you and that I will always be there for you as long as you want me with 100 % support and all my love.   I never met your mum, but from what I… [Read More]