My Sunday Photo: My Equestrian Twins

When I was growing up birthday parties usually consisted of a few friends over for tea at your house. A few party games, followed by happy birthday, blow the candles out and off you went home. All of this would normally take under an hour. Omg! How times have changed. My six year old twin girls R and M have been to a kaleidoscope of different themed types of parties and yesterday was no different. It was their cousins birthday party, and it was an equestrian type of party which was about a 30 minute drive from where we live…. [Read More]

Some Excellent Nappy Cake Ideas.

  As much as we try and prepare for a new addition to the family, there are very often things that we forget or just overlook, even for experienced parents! A Nappy Cake is an excellent gift for new parents that people often fill with both things for the child, as well as the mother, and even sometimes the father. If you have family or friends that are expecting a child and want to get them a gift that they will be truly thankful for, you should consider getting them a nappy cake.    • Creative Ideas   If you are… [Read More]