My Sunday Photo: My Equestrian Twins

When I was growing up birthday parties usually consisted of a few friends over for tea at your house. A few party games, followed by happy birthday, blow the candles out and off you went home. All of this would normally take under an hour.

Omg! How times have changed. My six year old twin girls R and M have been to a kaleidoscope of different themed types of parties and yesterday was no different.

It was their cousins birthday party, and it was an equestrian type of party which was about a 30 minute drive from where we live. Any other day it would have been a lovely idea, but fate would have it that it fell on the only day of the last couple of weeks where it was cold and raining. Still you have to make the most of it, especially for the birthday girl.

My twin girls got to brush the horses and then paint them. Yes, I know, what a strange idea. Painting horses, I have never heard of that before, and I wouldn’t say it was cruel, but yes, it was an odd idea.

After 2 hours the girls then got to ride the horses and my Sunday Photo is as they are ready to mount their horses and ride off into sunset. No! I mean down a steep wet and very windy lane under strict supervision. I have to say the girls loved it. especially R, and she particularlyl loved it when the horses started to trot.

It was a lovely party, but I will say those sort of parties are probably better in the summer. Will the girls be budding equestrian stars of the future. Watch this space you never know.

I have linked my photo to My Sunday Photo hosted by Darren of Photalife

4 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: My Equestrian Twins

  1. Lovely idea for a party, I too am a winter baby and cursed for all eternity to have to either suffer the rain and cold or stay indoors to celebrate!

    Glad they braved it and had fun, their smiles say it all.

  2. What a great idea for a birthday party. The twins looked to be having a blast and it’s much more memorable than a bouncy castle or soft play party.

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