Big Impact Changes To Make If You Are Renovating

I’ve been a painter and decorator for over 20 years and have been involved with many renovations of people’s homes, but like a lot of professional trades people I never get around to working on my own home. pexels When we first moved into our home a number of years ago, money was a bit tight. So we decided what was important to sort out straight away and what we could live with as it was. One area that we decided to leave until a later date was the kitchen. It was after all not too bad and functional, but… [Read More]

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Builder

Choosing a builder is a big step to starting any project. You want to be assured that you are going to end up with a quality building without long delays, headache, or bumps in the road along the way. To ensure that you are making a good choice when hiring a builder, we have outlined 5 key starting points to follow. 1. Reputation Having a good reputation goes beyond simply having several years of business experience. Before hiring a builder for a project, consider the reputation they have with financial institutions and suppliers. It is perfectly fair to ask for… [Read More]