Can’t We Just All Be Dads?

Well! 2018 has been a year where the role of the dad has been re-defined, re-labelled and now there are multiple choices if you are dad of what you can call yourself. You can be a stay home at dad, a working dad, a dad blogger, instadad, a gay dad, a dad that can show emotion, a dad that is cool or more than likely uncool, seriously what dad is cool according to his children?! For me all these labels that we are calling dads is ludicrous and quite honestly ridiculous, and 2018 it has completely gone over the top… [Read More]

A Woman’s Work Is Never Done Or Should It Be A Mans Work As Well?

The other day I was decorating in a property and the client was a lady in her mid-sixties. I was just getting on with the work which was papering one wall in the bedroom. Meanwhile she was pottering around and as she walked past the bedroom door, she announced to me that a woman’s work is never done. I turned and think I must have had a face of disbelief, because she instantly said to me you don’t agree? I have to be honest I spoke up and said no! Actually I don’t agree with that. Well, it’s certainly not… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 97

This week our Brilliant Dad Feature is Benny.  He recently quit his job as an auctioneer to become a stay at home  parent, which he says he loves. He decided to start a blog called Daddy Poppins to help him meet others in similar situations, allowing him to write and tell jokes and generally give a dad’s point of view of a role that is typically dominated by women. He has been blogging for just over 4 months now. Thank you to Benny for taking part. 1. Have you always wanted to be a dad? Mmmmm… if you asked me… [Read More]