A Woman’s Work Is Never Done Or Should It Be A Mans Work As Well?

The other day I was decorating in a property and the client was a lady in her mid-sixties. I was just getting on with the work which was papering one wall in the bedroom. Meanwhile she was pottering around and as she walked past the bedroom door, she announced to me that a woman’s work is never done.

As you can see my multitasking is second to none.

I turned and think I must have had a face of disbelief, because she instantly said to me you don’t agree? I have to be honest I spoke up and said no! Actually I don’t agree with that. Well, it’s certainly not the case in my home. This for me was like a throwback to the 1950’s where the little woman stays at home, does all the housework and looks after the children. Surely that mindset no longer exists, but it does and it is still being passed down the generations which makes me wonder if we will ever rid society of this kind of thinking.

Our world has progressed as far as the stereotypical ideals of what men and women are doing nowadays, but this sadly proved to me that it hasn’t moved on that much.

There is no logical reason I can think of why society has not changed its attitudes. Let’s look at society now and how it has changed. There are now a large amount of men who are stay at home dads and this ultimately makes them the main child carer. In our home we share child care, but along with that we share all the household jobs.

Frightening as this may sound, yes I, as a man can operate the washing machine, I know where the vacuum is kept and wait for it! I can cook as well, and I do all of the tasks while still caring for my six year old twin girls. I can put my children to bed, read them a story, and amazing as it may sound, I can also get up in the morning and give them breakfast, and I work as a painter and decorator. I’m not a woman but I can multi-task. It drives me mad when it’s considered men can’t multi-task, that for reasons beyond my comprehension that it is only something a woman can do, so why is running a household seen as woman’s work? Ok if you are over a certain age these tasks and household jobs that I do, may seem very difficult for some people to comprehend, whilst also having a job. Which this is sadly still being passed down the generations that men couldn’t possibly run a household. Many men are still seeing their mothers doing all of this while growing up and quite often their mother is working too. When they then get into a relationship and have children they don’t see it as their job. Stereotyping roles in the home from a young age is simply not healthy or right on any level. What will it take to eradicate society of this type of thinking and conditioning of our children?

I was raised to do all of those things, and I’m glad I was, otherwise I would have at times lived in a rubbish tip and most likely starved to death.

The world and society has changed and thankfully for the better. Women are longer tied to the kitchen sink and I for one am grateful I have four daughters and I want them to see that women can be leaders of industry, in charge of countries, be involved with the stem subjects and quite honestly be whatever they want to be in life with no restrictions or old fashioned and outdated beliefs holding them back. The only way that will happen is if we remove these ridiculous statements like a woman’s work is never done when talking about housework or running a home.

I often have wondered how many generations will have to pass by before people realise that men can be capable parents that can run a home as well as possibly work, whether that be equally with their partner or as the main homemaker, do the school run and whatever else it takes, because nowadays women can also be doing jobs that were typically and wrongly only reserved for men.

What outdated sayings have you heard that don’t give a true reflection of family today that annoy you have you thought, my goodness that’s total rubbish?

A woman’s work is never done, no that’s a woman’s/mans work is never done because, yes, it could be a dad fulfilling the responsibilities of a homemaker.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are.

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