A Woman’s Work Is Never Done Or Should It Be A Mans Work As Well?

The other day I was decorating in a property and the client was a lady in her mid-sixties. I was just getting on with the work which was papering one wall in the bedroom. Meanwhile she was pottering around and as she walked past the bedroom door, she announced to me that a woman’s work is never done. I turned and think I must have had a face of disbelief, because she instantly said to me you don’t agree? I have to be honest I spoke up and said no! Actually I don’t agree with that. Well, it’s certainly not… [Read More]

The Household Chores

In our house we seemed to have just naturally shared out the household chores. There are some I always do and some my wife always does. This is purely by accident and not design. My wife is definitely the cook in our house. Yes I can cook, but I will admit I am very basic with my cooking. My wife however, is much more inventive and cooks delicious meals with lots of imagination. Although, I do a very mean barbecue, if I do say so myself.  My wife pointing out the oven to me! I definitly have a element of… [Read More]