The Household Chores

In our house we seemed to have just naturally shared out the household chores. There are some I always do and some my wife always does. This is purely by accident and not design.

My wife is definitely the cook in our house. Yes I can cook, but I will admit I am very basic with my cooking. My wife however, is much more inventive and cooks delicious meals with lots of imagination. Although, I do a very mean barbecue, if I do say so myself. 

My wife pointing out the oven to me!

I definitly have a element of OCD. I really don’t like mess and unfortunately I need to tidy toys away regularly! Using the hoover is actually a passion of mine and I hate looking at dirty dishes. My wife does all of these chores, but I would admit it’s something I probably do more of.
There is one job that my wife in truth never does though and that is washing our clothes. Why? Who knows! In truth she jokes and says, washing machine, what’s that? Where is it?!

That’s me showing her the washing machine!

A few days ago I went to London for the day to attend the Dad Network Live and every now and again I would check in to make sure everything was ok with my wife and the kids. 
On one particular phone call my wife asked me where the washing powder was. I explained that it’s now liquid, not powder and to fill the lid of the container and pop it in with the clothes and that’s it.

I did also just mention to my wife to re-spin the clothes a second time on the number eight setting as the washing machine is old and doesn’t always spin that well. Big mistake! 

I came home that night and noticed that the clothes were still in the washing machine. Not to worry I thought I will get them out in the morning.

So the following morning arrives and I went to hang the clothes outside as it was a beautiful sunny day. I opened the door to pull the clothes out and thought my goodness they are dry and realised they hadn’t been washed!

What my wife had done was just put them on a spin cycle without actually washing them first! I think the number eight had stuck in her head and this has proved without a doubt that I’m better off doing this particular household chore!

In our home we share the household chores and do many of them as a team, but we excel at different things around the home. Saying that my wife is more than capable of putting a flat pack bookcase together as I am washing, drying and brushing the girls hair after a bath. 
I also believe that I destroy the myth that husbands/dads are useless at household chores. I’m sure we are equal to mums/wives easily. Also a very important lesson that our children see, is that dads and mums can do the household chores equally so they don’t grow up believing that male and females have certain roles to play within the home and then their generation will take a step further to breaking down the barriers of gender stereotyping. 
How does it work in your home? I would love to know.

Are you breaking down the gender stereotypical roles that women and men have had in the past, we are,because we are a modern household removing these old fashioned gender roles. Is yours? 

9 thoughts on “The Household Chores

  1. Being a single mum I do it all. My kids used to do more to help when they were younger and I worked full time but now I work from home I end up doing the lot! Plus I really do have OCD and like it all done my way

  2. Pretty much the same in our house. Just seem to share the chores. I Hoover she mops, I do most of the cooking, she makes lunches.
    She can't drive so I'm the taxi.

    I think in most households with two parents its like this nowadays.

  3. Remind me never to let Emily do my washing. My wife is very good at tidying, washing up etc. But….it is me that sees the spider webs in the corners, the dust on the picture frames etc. My wife has also never done a thing in the garden. Husbands are far from useless Nigel. We're great at this domestic stuff, just need the chances to do it.

  4. My partners the cook in our household thankfully as I'm awful and he's amazing. And somehow I always do the washing, it's odd how you just fall into a routine (I hate hoovering ah!). #bestandworst

  5. We share the chores and it's great! Hubby cooks and does a bit more washing. I clean and tidy, dust and do more bathroom duties. I like your way of sharing the jobs – you have to or one person gets so fed up! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  6. We tend to divide things up as well and Rev T does the washing and most of the cooking. I can work the machine if I need too though and I'm the better cook. It's just easier if he does it during the week.

  7. We try to share the chores as much as possible in our house but it can be difficult sometimes. My husband works long night shifts so while he's working I tend to do most of the jobs around the house. When he's off work though I take full advantage and let him do all the worst jobs haha #bigpinklink

  8. My hubby and I share the chores. He's a far better cook then me and so at the weekends he will often make dinner. I would say that I do the majority but that's because he works long hours. When he's home he always pitches in though. He's terrible at hanging out the washing. Bunches it on the line and it really bugs me! Thanks for linking. #bigpinklink

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