Places I Would Like To Visit In The USA

I have never been to the USA, but it’s definitely on my to do list or bucket list. It’s the kind of trip that I would love to do with my wife and our seven year old twin girls. It would be an experience that none of us will forget, and would create wonderful family memories that our children will remember all their lives. Growing up and seeing so many of the awesome places in the USA on television, means that I have always had a desire to make this trip of a lifetime. I have listed some of the… [Read More]

Guns and Children 

On channel 4 the other night I watched a programme called the gun shop which was made by the documentary team, Cutting Edge. The show was all about a gun shop in a town in Michigan and it showed the type of customers that walk through the door to purchased guns of all kinds. This show absolutely horrified me and explained without question why so many people lose their lives by being shot in America. The ease of  buying a gun and then having a practice out the back of the shop, handing over the money and then walking out… [Read More]