The Beast From The East Arrived In Our City:My Snow Post

South Wales and in particular Cardiff was in right in the middle of the eye of the storm when the Beast of the East met Storm Emma. We woke up yesterday to very large drifts of snow and in places it was up to two metres deep.

The scene in my street yesterday morning 

When we have snow in the UK, we normally miss it. For some reason it always bypasses us, and the kids look at other children on the TV sledging everywhere and feeling very jealous. So this year it’s a bit different. Snowman building and sledging is the order of the day, as the snow just kept on falling.

Some people just can’t wait to get out in the snow.

We went out yesterday to go sledging on a small green area around the corner from where we live. There are a number of slopes for the girls to slide down and they were loving it!

Check out the video

So on the Thursday night I asked the wife if she wanted a McDonald’s after the girls had gone to sleep. This was a suggestion I nearly lived to regret! The nearest McDonald’s to us is on the main junction that leads to the M4, and getting there is fairly easy even with snow covered roads, but what I forgot was that there is a long steep hill that is on the other side of the  junction that I needed to go on to get back home. As I came around the bend before the hill, I was immediately faced with a jack-knifed artic and a number of cars abandoned.

This is where just a bit of panic set in! My front wheels were spinning for what seemed a lifetime, but thankfully out of the corner of my eye I saw a strip of tarmac where no snow had fallen so I quickly moved towards it. I breathed a sigh of relief as the tyres gained some traction and just made it to the top.

I got home with my Big Mac and my wife’s meal! All good, just loving it! Would I do it again? Well I did suggest KFC tonight haha! Not a chance!

   A family snow selfie

Here I am a donkey again.

My twin girls turned six years old a few days ago, and we have a planned house party today for them.

We did think about cancelling the party, but we put out a message and the vast majority of parents have said that they’re happy to walk to the party. Thankfully we all live very close to each other. There will be a few absentees and that is a shame, but there will be enough kids to make it a fab party for the girls.

  It must be love!

So that’s my snow blog post which I just had to write, because where I live it could be another ten years before we see snow like this again! My twin girls have enjoyed all the fun of snow sledging, snowball fights and building snowmen.

Have you had fun in the snow? I would love to hear.

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  1. Great post. The ‘Beast from the East’ reared its ugly head again last night, and covered my town on the east coast in a thick layer of powdery snow. Hopefully some warmer weather is on the way!

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