The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Book Review 

Intergalactic Book

I was recently sent a perfect Christmas gift for my four year old twin girls. A stunningly, beautifully illustrated book called, ‘The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home’.

Intergalactic Book
My twin girls love reading and it’s one of our bedtime rituals. This book is perfect for bedtime reading and I love that it’s personalised with our girls names. With these books they can start their fabulous journey through space!

Intergalactic Book
Along the way on their journey home they get to meet a variety of characters including gwolls, flares and zingos to name a few.

They also get to fly in the spaceship and see their names in the stars. In addition to this they visit great galaxies and the Intergalactic Zoo.

On their journey home many aliens help them when they are lost, until eventually they see the planet earth, but they have to work out exactly where their home is.

Before long they see their home city and eventually they find themselves on their way home.

Intergalactic Book
This book is a wonderful present for your child to keep for years. It’s also personalised to show exactly where they live with a picture of their home on the final page.

This is all done when you order the book. You simply enter your postcode and they then incorporate the pictures of the your child’s city and home which is such a cool idea. It’s a beautiful keepsake for them to look back upon when they’re older and remember that mummy and daddy used to read it at bedtime.

Intergalactic Book
The book is beautifully illustrated. A brilliant little touch is that all of the words on front cover glow in the dark which our girls loved!

This book is written by David Cadji-Newby and Pedro Serapicos and is available from Lost my name for £19.99 plus shipping.

For the purpose of this review I was gifted two books. All views are 100% mine 

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