T’is The Day Before Christmas

Christmas Eve is always a super busy day for us. We have family and friends to visit, and we like to get everything out of the way. So we can enjoy Christmas Day at home with all the children, and it’s especially nice because our five year old twins get to play with all their new toys on Christmas Day. It’s the perfect family day.

Christmas Eve is as exciting for us as parents, as I know it is for our little ones. Ok, maybe it’s a bit more exciting for the twins, because they know Father Christmas is coming down the chimney tonight to leave them lots of lovely presents.

Once we have finished with our visiting, it will be time to go home, and watch the twins go into a hyper-drive of excitement levels, hanging their stockings up on the fireplace and putting out a mince pie and warm milk for Father Christmas and some reindeer food and carrots for Rudolph and his friends.

Hopefully by 6.30pm the girls will be in bed and sleep the whole night through. We can only hope! Haha! They will most likely be awake at 4 o’clock in the morning, with us saying it’s to early go back to sleep, wish me luck on that one. Lol!

Once the girls are asleep it’s time to put all their presents out around the tree and fill their stockings with presents all ready for the morning. Sadly just last year my bubble was burst and my wife told me Father Christmas wasn’t real. I know! How could she! I said well who put the presents around the tree? She just looked at me eyebrows raised and said “Me!” I was devastated to say the least!

Your children don’t stay innocent for long in life nowadays, so I believe while they are young and still believe in Father Christmas, live it to the hilt. We will put down fake snow from the North Pole and Santa’s footprints across the carpet. Just for those magical few minutes on Christmas morning that only your little ones can give you. Their little faces quite literally light up like Christmas trees when they see Father Christmas has been to their home. For me it’s one of best parts of being a dad.

Once everything is sorted and the room is prepared for Christmas morning we get to sit down for about 10 minutes of television and a rest! Then off to bed to get as much sleep as possible because OMG, we are going to need it. Christmas Day is wonderful fun, but so exhausting.

Merry Christmas Everyone xx

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