My Wife is My Slave!

My wife is without question my slave. She is there to fulfil all my needs, look after me and my children, and never question me on anything. I am after all the bread winner. Without my money we could not live, it’s really as simple as that.

So here is a list of what I expect as a husband and what I expect my wife to do…
1. I expect my tea ready on the table when I get in from work and no excuses if it is not.
2. My wife has to do everything for our children and I am not to be disturbed if I want to watch tv or whatever I want to do.
3. I expect the dishes to be washed and the house to be tidy and clean at all times
4. I expect my clothes washed, ironed and ready for me to wear.
5. I expect to be waited on and looked after like a king and all my needs fulfilled. If they are not then their will be consquences.
If, of course, this was true in our home this would stick us into the year 1950, but in 2017 people all over the world are still living like this in fear of their partner, wife, husband and they are trapped in an abusive, controlling, bad relationship.
Of course breaking free is not easy because your self esteem and confidence are at aa all time low.
We can joke about about how it was expected for a wife to behave years ago, but in reality it is still happening. Women and men living a life that is totally unacceptable in today’s world where equality should be at the forefront of every relationship, but in truth many people don’t know how or are unable to break free.
I have met many people over the years that have put a brave face on with a big smile, but hidden behind that smile is a deeply unhappy person in their life.
My biggest fear is my children are growing up in a world that needs to change when it comes gender equality. This is especially important for my five year old twin girls. I do not want them held back in anyway whatsoever.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “My Wife is My Slave!

  1. I must say that I find the idea of you expecting your tea on the table when you get home a bit old fashioned, Bible, before I suffered my stroke, myself and my husband were a team, we were both self employed, me as a child minder and he was a painter and decorator, we took care of our four sons and the house management together, , unfortunately due to my disability he now does everything, the children have all but one flown the nest

  2. #dreamteam I’m thinking if you are role modelling your version of 2017 to your kids then you don’t need to worry. Gender is only an issue to those who have suffered at the hand of it. I think balance is always fab in most things (except chocolate portions) and recognising differences as well as the option to overcome them is probably the key.

  3. I had a heated discussion with a friend recently who claimed that we don’t need feminism any more. You’ve hit the nail right on the head as to why we do – this still exists in the lives of many women, and in the lives of men too. feminism still has so much work to do. Even for the men who experience domestic abuse, feminism is the key – with more equality comes less tolerance and incidence of things like this on either side of the gender split. Great post.

  4. Great post. It does happen even now and under duress, but I think we can all just as easily slip into certain roles and then it becomes the norm without us realising. I am guilty for having dinner on the table every day, not sure what Mr Button would do if he had to fend for himself. Thanks for sharing with the #Dreamteam.

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