Benefits of Getting More Hands-on in Your Life

These days, the world is generally more forgiving towards people who are prone to ruminating obsessively, frittering away their time on idle distractions, and having their heads stuck in the clouds.

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Whereas once people in this category would have often had to go out and engage with the world to beat the inevitable boredom that would eventually set in, or else create something like art, today it’s possible to withdraw completely into the world of digital distractions, including things like Netflix, YouTube, assorted videogames, and even just Googling random facts and articles.

There are plenty of benefits that come with the technologies of the modern world, but it also seems to be the case that those technologies have caused many of us to have far more distracted lives, where we are all a bit more prone to having our heads stuck in the clouds, rather than being hands-on.

But when all is said and done, there are some real benefits to adopting a more hands-on approach to life. Here are a few.

You are more likely to be able to do something useful for others

When you take a more action-oriented, and hands-on approach to life, you are simply more likely to be able to help the people around you, and contribute positively to their lives in some way.

People rarely feel that they can rely on those who live in a very “abstract,” and “dreamy” way. When you know that someone is a fully fledged action man (or woman), on the other hand, the situation is quite different.

This is true in your everyday personal dealings, but it’s often also true in a broader sense. Consider the benefits of becoming a personal trainer, for example, and you will notice that plenty of them have to do with the job satisfaction of improving other people’s lives in a tangible way.

The same is true with doctors, mechanics, and so on.

If being able to help out the people around you, and be useful, is something you value, then it pays to take a more hands-on approach to life.

Action and activity can help to get you out of your own head and move past emotional troubles

We all feel down from time to time, and can get caught in a cycle of negative rumination, reflection, and sorrow. If you’ve caught yourself listening to sad songs on YouTube at three in the morning, and you’ve been at it for several hours, you can be pretty sure that something like this has happened to you.

It’s very difficult – if not impossible – to move past emotional troubles and pain, unless you eventually get out of your own head, and start engaging with the world around you in a practical way.

Action and activity are some of the best ways of getting out of your own head, and moving past these sorts of troubles. If you feel deeply sad, nervous, or regretful, doing some DIY around the home, going down to the gym to work out, or doing some work on your side business, can do you a  world of good.

It’ll help to ground you, in an age of constant distraction and information

There are various reasons why stress, confusion, and anxiety arise in people. But one of the leading culprits in today’s world seems to be the ever-present rush of information and distraction that we are all faced with on a regular basis, courtesy of modern technologies.

Think about it. You drive to work, and the radio in your car gives you a bunch of headline updates to consider about world news, along with assorted anecdotes, and maybe even some songs.

During your break at work, you pull out your phone and check out the Internet. There, have memes, instructional videos, clickbait articles, and all the rest to consider.

Then, at home, you have all of that information flow being magnified through a dozen or more different sources.

Getting more hands-on in your life will help to ground you, which in an age of constant distraction and information abundance may be a pretty good thing.

Just one catch – don’t have the radio on while you’re working. According to the academic and writer Cal Newport, in his books Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, bringing distractions into your life in this way, or attempting to “multitask” inevitably leads to decreased efficiency, psychological and emotional turmoil, and frustration.

Treat whatever it is you’re doing at the time as a meditation of sorts, and give it your full attention

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