Can you feed the family for £2 a day?

Did you know that it costs just £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia every day? That’s just £62 a month!

When I think about how much my weekly food shop is, it’s a lot more than £62 and that’s just for the week. That’s for a family of four – two adults and two children.

This January, Voucher Box has teamed up with UK based charity Zamcog to present to you The £2 challenge. As per the title of this post, we want to know if you can feed each person in your family for just 2 per head per day?


Julie-Anne Uggla, Founder of Zamcog says “We’re delighted to work with to raise awareness to one of the integral aspects of Zamcog’s work. At the Shitima School we not only educate children to improve their lives but also provide basic needs such as food and clean water. Any money raised from this campaign will go directly to funding nourishment at the Shitima School.”

Shane Forster, General Manager at says “The work that Zamcog does is truly inspirational and we’re very happy to be able to support the charity and raise awareness for their cause. are all about saving money – challenging people to live frugally for one day and cutting down on their spending is what we’re all about. On top of that, we get to support a fantastic cause and really give something back.”

The challenge

With just £2 per head per day to feed our family of four, that gives us a grand total of £8.00 per day. We were challenged by Zamcog and Voucherbox to see if we could complete the challenge.

For our £8.00 we would need to provide:

  • Breakfast for all of us
  • A packed lunch for our girls for school
  • Lunch for my wife and I
  • An evening meal for all of us

So how did we do?

Our shopping list for the day is as follows:

  • Loaf of bread – £1.19
  • Pack of ham – £1.00
  • Butter – £1.03
  • Bag of mixed vegetables £2.00
  • Chicken breast £2.00
  • Chicken stock – 77p

Total £7.99


This was a tough challenge. We had originally planned to have cereal for breakfast, but when we factored in the cost of the cereal and milk, it would have taken us well over the £8.00.

As such we settled on toast and bought one loaf of bread meaning we all had one slice of toast each for breakfast with some butter on. There was no room in our budget for jam or honey.

Next up was the girls packed lunches for school. They’d usually have a sandwich, yoghurt, piece of fruit, drink and treat, but our £2 per head budget meant that they’d have to make do with just a ham sandwich each. My wife and I also had a ham sandwich each for lunch.

Our evening meal was the nicest meal of the day. Chicken casserole using the chicken, vegetables and stock.

Feeding a family for £2 per head per day is pretty tough to do. We couldn’t have any snacks or luxuries, just the basics.

Do you think you could feed your family for just £2 per head per day?

4 thoughts on “Can you feed the family for £2 a day?

  1. I think it’s a great idea to raise awareness to how much we waste / spend in our weekly budgets. We are lucky to be able to have the option to vary our shopping habits.
    Over the past few years I have been squeezing our shopping bills down. I’ll admit that I totally wind up my wife when I’m shopping. Comparing the price per kg of pre packaged, vs loose veg is a good one.

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