Christmas Past Christmas Now!

I love Christmas. It’s easily my favourite time of the year by a long way, but I love the Christmas of today and that is something that has happened from the experiences of my own childhood when Christmas was not such a happy time.

…and finally the tree is up!

Growing up, as I have written about on occasion before, was at times incredibly difficult. My family when growing up has to be up with the best of them as super dysfunctional. It was like walking into a war zone every time I entered my house. I say house because it was so far removed from being home. It was sadly not even close to a home. When I think about my childhood I only remember sadness and arguing in every corner of the house. In fact, sadness and unhappiness was in the very fabric of the house.

There was never any laughter or children getting excited as Christmas Day approached. It was simply just another day. What I didn’t know then was that this was completely abnormal. It wasn’t the way life should be. I’m not saying it should have been constant laughter and happiness because that in itself would have been very strange also, but a little laughter and happiness would have been nice to have while growing up. It would have been nice to sit down to Christmas dinner as a family and watch a Christmas film, but unfortunately the only memories I have are of no Christmas dinner, my father somewhere in the distance, my mother not being capable of getting out of her bed, and me watching Christmas television on my own, but that helped me become the person I am today.

There was a lesson, that again I didn’t know at the time, and that’s that my childhood was going to teach me to be a better person and more importantly a better parent, or at least I think so, I hope so, haha! I guess my children will have the verdict on that question!

Getting ready to deliver their Christmas scout post

So we fast forward to Christmas of today, and how times have changed. As a parent I have discovered that Christmas is all about family, especially children. Watching your children get excited as Christmas day gets nearer, well, nothing really compares to it in the world.

Having five children means that I have been able to relive the magic of Christmas time and time again, and I am still blessed that I have two little ones that are just six years old, and yes, I love the fact that they believe in Father Christmas, the elves and everything that surrounds this wonderful time of the year.


Every morning when they wake up, they ask how many more days until Christmas day, and they are still surprised in the morning to find out what the elves have been up to during the night, and the smiles when the elves have been good or the shock that they have wrapped toilet paper around the tree is just wonderful! If I could bottle it and keep it forever I would be a very happy man, but sadly then they will grow up and won’t believe in Father Christmas. I am not looking forward to that day.

Christmas really is my favourite part of the year. The laughter, happiness and children reaching the manic levels of uncontrollable excitement is what Christmas is all about. Just watching your little ones go absolutely bonkers is brilliant!

Putting the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations up as a family, watching a Christmas film, making a gingerbread house, and making Christmas decorations that are absolutely tat, well that’s Christmas! It is full of fun and activities and it all goes by far too quickly.

Here’s their new home! The Gingerbread House!

Christmas for me is love. Love of family gathering together for just a few hours. For me it is a celebration of love and family as one. I now have everything in my life that was not there when I was a child.

I love Christmas because of my family. Why do you love Christmas? I would love to hear.

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