Decorating an hall,landing and stairs

I was recently employed to re-decorate a hall, landing and stairs in a semi detached house.

What was a little different about this job was that the customer wanted all of the wallpaper removed from the walls and then all of the walls painted in emulsion. Easy you might think – I wish it was!

The first job was to strip all of the old wallpaper using a steamer. This was quite difficult as there were three layers of paper and care needed to be taken so that I didn’t damage the walls. As we will be painting these this took about a day and a half. 

I needed to fill and sand the walls as required. Next I needed to paint the ceiling in two coats of Dulux White Matt Emulsion. 3litres of paint was required.
Now we can paint the prepared walls in two coats of Dulux Matt Emulsion. The colour the customer chose was Ivory and this took 10litres of paint. 

The final part of the job was the woodwork which included the staircase and nine doors.

All the woodwork is lightly sanded, undercoated and two coats of Dulux Satinwood – the quick drying finish.

A job of this size will take me around four days to complete from beginning to end, but the finished result is a complete change and gives a feeling of space to the whole area. 

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