Do Our Children See Christmas As Just A Big Bag Of Presents

Christmas is nearly upon us once again and it has got me thinking about how my six year old twins see Christmas. Is it just a big bag of presents?

Of course with them only be six years old they still believe in the whole nine yards of Father Christmas delivering presents on Christmas Eve, but if I’m honest this will most likely be the last year that happens. They will be in junior school by Christmas 2019 and the truth will most likely come out from older children. I’m not actually bothered about that it to be honest. It actually might make Christmas cheaper when they realise that mummy and daddy have to buy all the presents and we can tell them that there is a limit to what we can afford.

The problem is have we set ourselves up by having to spend more and more money every year to live up to our children’s expectations of what they think they can have for Christmas? The chances are yes we have. Looking back over the last few Christmas we have spent far too much and got carried away with the spirit of Christmas which is encouraged by social media and the constant stream of adverts by toy brands. Which if I’m honest is totally out of control now.

The other day the girls wrote their lists for Santa by going through a toy catalogue. I was actually surprised that they only wrote down 20 things each, but it also shocked me that they expected so much. How the world has changed! When I was their age I first of all would never expect twenty presents, and secondly I knew my mother couldn’t afford it so I was just happy with whatever I received. Sadly I’m not sure that is the case anymore. Nowadays kids write a list and they will generally expect everything on it.

My intentions this year is to start planting the seed in my six year old twin girls minds that you don’t get everything you ask for and not all of it comes from Father Christmas. That we as their parents also buy them presents. It is an important lesson they need to learn that we as parents need to work to earn money to buy them presents, which in turn I believe teaches them the value of money. I hope over time they will realise that just because they want something they won’t always get it. For me a very important life lesson, maybe it’s a bit harsh but it will be a good lesson to take through life.

Another part of Christmas that I feel is so important for the girls to understand is yes they will have their fair share of presents. For me it’s important that they do very well on Christmas Day, but throughout the world and on their doorstep there are many children that don’t experience that, in fact many children get nothing on Christmas Day. I don’t want them to feel guilty about that, but I want them to appreciate that they are very lucky.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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