Little Things Annoy Me: Here Is One Such Situation

Last Saturday we had a final treat for the girls to end half term on a high for them. We decided to go to the cinema to see Christopher Robin. They had a one off showing of the film. and as we had missed the film when it was originally released this seemed a great opportunity to see the film. It was an excellent film and the girls thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a very simple tale of how important family is and why we should put family first. I might add that Ewan McGregor is outstanding, a quality actor.

Whenever we go to town we always have another treat which is to have lunch in Burger King. Every now and again we like to treat them to some fast food.

Finally we needed to make a visit to Matalan. The girls had a birthday party later that day and it was a slumber party. It wasn’t an overnight slumber party though because it was in the afternoon, and of course our girls are far too young for a slumber party that involves staying overnight. Anyway that’s a post all on its own, about what age they can go to a slumber party overnight. I’m guessing 30 years old haha!

Anyways they needed some pj’s for the party and when we walked in we were confronted with the standard Christmas jumper. Every year the girls have a Christmas jumper day in school. and every year we are very badly organised in not getting them a jumper so this seemed a perfect way to finally get our act together and be organised.

We made our way up to the 3rd floor where the children’s department is and I was greeted with one of my pet hates. Boys and girls departments. I know some people are not bothered and generally I am not hugely bothered even though for one our twin girls I have to go to the boys department to find the kind of clothes one of girl likes. Why you may ask? Well she doesn’t like pink, sparkling clothes and in most girls departments that is all you see. Why can’t they just make a kids department and mix it all up a bit? Where is the problem with that? She is getting older and now realising that most of her clothes come from the boys department. She shouldn’t have to be different because as a girl she prefers colours that for reasons beyond my comprehension are considered boys colours, madness.

So when I saw that the Christmas jumpers had also been separated into boys and girls, I will openly admit I was annoyed, especially when the label on the jumper R wanted had ‘urban wear for boys’ on it. Totally crazy!

Since when have Christmas jumpers become gender associated? Surely it’s just a Christmas jumper and suitable for either girls or boys.

Matalan need to drag themselves into the 21st century, and realise that we can wear any colour whatever our gender and stop dictating old fashioned out of date attitudes of what is right for boys and girls. It’s actually very insulting and sadly belongs in the dark ages.

I will be cutting the labels out of both jumpers so my girls don’t think that clothing is specific to only one gender.

Let our children be whoever they want and wear what they want. Stop trying to brainwash our children.

I would love to know your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Little Things Annoy Me: Here Is One Such Situation

  1. Now I have no objection to the stores having girl and boy sections, after all they do it with adults and no one really moans about that, but I do have issue with the bales inside and logos outside stating girl/boy, I’ve had to think twice about buying certain items in the past despite knowing my kids would like it, because it read ‘for girls’ and they would’ve been teased for it #triumphanttales

  2. It does seem bizarre that this still happens, let kids choose what they want without them feeling defined. A lady bought her baby into where I work the other day. The baby girl was wearing a pink sleepsuit, but it was covered in brightly coloured dinosaurs, somewhere has got it right that girls like that stuff too.

  3. The separate departments don’t bother me so much but there is no need for it to be branded in the labels. It’s unnecessary, they don’t do it for adults so why the need for children? Great jumpers! And well done for being organised – I love a Christmas jumper. In fact I can’t wait for December because my wardrobe doubles in size! 🙂 Thank you for sharing with #TriumphantTales

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