Little Things Annoy Me: Here Is One Such Situation

Last Saturday we had a final treat for the girls to end half term on a high for them. We decided to go to the cinema to see Christopher Robin. They had a one off showing of the film. and as we had missed the film when it was originally released this seemed a great opportunity to see the film. It was an excellent film and the girls thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a very simple tale of how important family is and why we should put family first. I might add that Ewan McGregor is outstanding, a quality actor. Whenever… [Read More]

Laundry OMG! It Never Ends

In our home the most used appliance is without question the washing machine. My wife and I use it at least once a day, sometimes even twice a day or more! Why do we have a never ending amount of clothes to wash? Well, let me explain. The laundry basket most likely only empties once a year if you’re lucky. The reason is is because we have a full house of children which includes five year old twins who think it’s fine to change clothes four or five times a day! Of course the clothes that they do take off… [Read More]

The Christmas Cost

I’ve teamed up with Admiral insurance for their cost of Christmas campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to see how the cost of the festive season has changed over the last 40 years. Admiral have created a very clever widget which people can interact with. Simply select which year you’d like to find more about (2006, 1996, 1986 and 1976), and then  you can compare this against your spend at Christmas to find out what items have gone up and if prices have dropped on certain items. You can find the widget online at Admiral have also included some… [Read More]

R and her Minions T-Shirt

R has an overwhelming obsession with the colour blue and in particular a minions blue t-shirt. How this started and why I am not sure, but it is certainly there now. She has blue shorts and blue t-shirts and these are the only things she will wear from her extensive wardrobe! We had a bit of an issue because she was refusing to have them washed and infact would take them to bed at night time to stop us from washing them! Of course once she was asleep they’d go straight in the washing machine, but the problem of how… [Read More]