How to Get Your House Ready for the Winter

As the nights get longer, we tend to spend more time at home, and want it to be as supportive and comfortable as possible. You will need to winterise the home to avoid paying an arm and a leg for heating your house. At the same time, you need to make your rooms more comfortable and functional, too. As a DIY enthusiast, you can make a few adjustments that will make a lot of difference in your family’s life. Find out more below.

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Insulating the Flooring

You can improve the comfort level of your home if you winterise the living room and the downstairs area. If your flooring needs to be upgraded, it might be time to add some professional insulation. Under floor insulation sheets don’t cost a fortune, but they can save you money and balance the temperature between your upstairs and downstairs rooms.

That Broken Window Seal

It is also crucial that you pay attention to your doors and windows. Even if you have double glazed and energy efficient units, chances are that you might need to check the seals between the panes and the ones connecting the wall to the frame of the window and door. You don’t want to lose heat through these gaps that only cost the price of foam or silicone to fix. This is one of the DIY jobs everyone can do and one that can make a huge difference.

Kitchen Upgrades

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The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. You are likely to enjoy more dinner parties and nights in when you are cooking together, and you will need to ensure that your appliances and furniture are up for the challenge. You can upgrade your kitchen by simply changing the work surface, giving it a lick of paint, or installing a modern and easy-to-clean splash board.

Get Your Heating Checked

If there is one thing you cannot do yourself, unless you are a qualified gas engineer is your boiler maintenance. Get in touch with a local plumber to get your boiler serviced, your radiators flushed and your system refilled. Simple issues, such as dust in your fan can cause boiler breakdowns that can cost you a lot of money during the winter months; funds that will come out of your Christmas budget.

Make Sure Your Electricity Is Up for the Challenge

We tend to use more heaters and heating fans in the winter, to get rid of dampness and the chill in our home during the winter. Unfortunately, every appliance with a heating element will put a pressure on your wiring and your fuses. Not to mention your increased use of tumble dryers due to the cold weather. You should get in touch with Steel Electrical to arrange a visit and find out whether or not your wiring needs upgrading for the winter.  

There are many reasons why we don’t feel fully comfortable in our homes during the winter. Make sure that you address the above issues, and you can share some great memories with your family during the cold winter nights.

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