I Had A Go At Repairing My Sash Windows

I’ve had a look at the outside wooden sills on my sash windows and I really think that it might be a job for a DIY enthusiast. Sash window repair doesn’t seem all that complicated, to my understanding we simply cut out all rotten section of timber, treat it, splice the timber back as neatly as possible, and then fill joints with a two part filler designated for external repairs. This is within range for a DIY effort I think. Here’s a look at the problem, I’ve marked in pen around where I intend to cut: I would then sand… [Read More]

How to Get Your House Ready for the Winter

As the nights get longer, we tend to spend more time at home, and want it to be as supportive and comfortable as possible. You will need to winterise the home to avoid paying an arm and a leg for heating your house. At the same time, you need to make your rooms more comfortable and functional, too. As a DIY enthusiast, you can make a few adjustments that will make a lot of difference in your family’s life. Find out more below. Insulating the Flooring You can improve the comfort level of your home if you winterise the living… [Read More]

Painting window-sills and reveals on a house

Painting window-sills and reveals on a house is very commonly done and I have lost count of how many I have done over the years. I think it should be said that the best window-sills to paint are concrete ones, but unfortunately over the years many bath-stone window-sills have been painted and these take a lot more of preparation and will not last as long as concrete. In truth they should never be painted. The first job is to remove all the loose paint and then fill holes with a suitable exterior filler.  Then you can start painting. Over the… [Read More]