Do You Feel The Cost of Bills Just Keeps Going Up And Up? #AD

If you are anything like me you will feel that everything we buy nowadays whether it is at the supermarket, in the high street or something online, or even our bills for the home are increasingly going up, and of course our wages never seem to match the increases which will leave us with less money in our pockets.

Sometimes it just feels like a catch 22 situation. We seem to be working longer hours and when you come home so many of us have families and children that we want to obviously spend time with, so sometimes the last thing on our minds is how do we save money on our household bills. We all lead very busy lives and fitting all the tasks we need to do nowadays is sometimes impossible. Over recent years as a painter and decorator I have found people asking me to do the jobs that they would have traditionally done themselves mainly because they will either have to take time off work or because it eats into their family time.

Over recent years many consumers have seen their household bills increase. In particular their energy bills, but why is this? The honest answer is that it’s the energy companies at fault. They’re the ones putting the prices up and it’s totally unfair because most people tend to only use the most well known household names. When you add to this the time and hassle that it takes to change suppliers it’s no wonder that most of us don’t bother, but Flip me! One company is taking them on!

I have teamed up with WeFlip, an energy price comparison site that is part of the Go Compare Group which is incredibly easy to use. Signing up was able to be done in just a few simple steps. You simply enter your postcode and WeFlip finds your address, asks you a few questions about your current energy supplier and gives you an idea of the energy usage in your home and it instantly comes up with a long list of alternative suppliers which will instantly save you money, but what makes WeFlip very unique in the price comparison market? Well let me tell you.

Let’s be fair, it’s time consuming and very boring to switch your energy supplier. WeFlip take that incredibly boring task out of your life and once you have done the first flip, WeFlip will continue to flip you once they find a better deal that will save you over £50 a year and they will continue to flip you automatically taking all the pressures away from you and saving you money for life. Come on what’s not to like about that? It’s also completely free and they do all the heavy work of the flip. They set everything up and will flip you every time they find a better deal. WeFlip will never flip your energy suppliers unless there are genuine savings.

According to the energy regulator Ofgem, over half the households in the U.K. could be overpaying by as much as £350 (1) on their energy bills.

WeFlip are also offering a great deal to any DIY Daddy follower. If you sign up to WeFlip by July 31st and switch your gas and electricity, you’ll get a £30 Amazon voucher completely free.

With the cost of energy prices continually being dominated by the six major supplies of energy what could be more reassuring than having somebody on your side hunting down the best deals available and taking over the hassle of dealing with the energy companies which is what WeFlip will do for you. It’s a fantastic service that will save you money in a world where costs seem to be escalating. Surely its time you used WeFlip to save yourself money.

(1) Ofgem’s Retail highlights August 2018, states that in July 2018, there was a £358 variance between the average Big Six Standard Variable Tariff (dual fuel / direct debit) vs. market cheapest equivalent)

This is paid collaborative post with WeFlip.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

7 thoughts on “Do You Feel The Cost of Bills Just Keeps Going Up And Up? #AD

  1. Thank you for this post and perfect timing. I have been considering a change in gas and electricity supplier for a while now, but was daunted by the whole process. I’m heading over to Weflip now….. #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Interesting concept and great timing as later this month I will be looking to switch. However, my working out and reconciling my statements from our current supplier is painful, imagine trying to do that it you keep getting “flipped” to a new supplier. Also, how often will they flip? Many tariffs come with an early exit penalty – do they pay that for you?

  3. I’ll certainly be considering WeFlip when the time comes, I’m currently locked into a contract until October, but that’s not that far away.

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