Does your toddler have a balanced diet?

I have often wondered if lots of children live off fast food and chocolate or do we as parents find a balance between healthy eating and fast food.

My twin girls have always been excellent eaters, but as they approach four years of age they are becoming much more discerning about what they eat. Although I have to say both have always tried anything.
During the week we nearly always have a sunday lunch which is great as the girls have plenty of vegetables and thoroughly enjoy it and normally clean their plates. 
For breakfast the girls have cereal or toast. R always has a banana before nursery and M always has a custard pot. 
For the rest of the week the girls have a mixture of sandwiches or toasties for lunch with yoghurts or fruit. 
For tea they can have anything from chicken curry and rice, sausages and mash, chicken nuggets and smiles or pasta. 
We have never really said no when they ask for chocolate because usually they have eaten all their tea, but we ensure it’s in moderation.

When it comes to fast food the girls tend to like either McDonald’s or Burger King and they nearly always have nuggets and chips and this is done in moderation only because we’re not always near a fast food outlet and it is a sort of a treat for the girls so they don’t get to used to thinking this is what you live on. 
So yes, I believe our children have a balanced diet. Do your children? Would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Does your toddler have a balanced diet?

  1. One of the many things I love about Zach is his love for peas, sweetcorn and carrots! You put his dinner in front of him and he shovels spoonfuls of veg down his throat first! He's always been a lover of fruit which is fab. We don't tend to give him chocolate and treats at home and prefer to save them for if we are out or if he has a cheeky treat at the grandparents! I've yet to take him to a fast food joint! He's three and he doesn't even know what McDonald's is! We don't eat there ourselves so there's been no need to introduce it. I kind of think I'll keep it that way for as long as possible! So yep I think he has a fairly balanced diet – I don't deprive him of treats but they are only on special occasions!

  2. I do think that it can be hard to get a variety of foods in a diet for a toddler, after all they don't eat lots and can be fussy. I have always tried to give Amelia a good balanced diet of healthy foods and naughty foods. But if I do give her crisps or chocolate I always think people will judge, it's silly really. I know someone that only feeds their child healthy or organic foods and I always want to feed him something naughty like quavers lol. But his mum won't let me. 🙂

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