Conversations with my four year olds: Gender Stereotyping

After having a conversation with my four year old twins the other day about what they wanted to be when they were older, it got me thinking.   It got me to thinking that they have no idea about gender sterotyping in society, but the reality is it’s alive and kicking. My hope and dream is that by the time they are old enough to understand about gender sterotyping that it has been eradicated once and for all in society. It’s manipulative behaviour  does conditions them that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. The twins were conceived… [Read More]

Does your toddler have a balanced diet?

I have often wondered if lots of children live off fast food and chocolate or do we as parents find a balance between healthy eating and fast food. My twin girls have always been excellent eaters, but as they approach four years of age they are becoming much more discerning about what they eat. Although I have to say both have always tried anything. During the week we nearly always have a sunday lunch which is great as the girls have plenty of vegetables and thoroughly enjoy it and normally clean their plates.  For breakfast the girls have cereal or… [Read More]

Toddlers energy levels are awesome!

Toddlers have an unrivalled amount of energy packed into a tiny body and if we could bottle it we could probably make a fortune! As parents it at times seems to me impossible to keep up with them. Here are a few comparisons to toddlers energy. 1. They are like a meteor flying though space picking up speed as they go 2. A spaceship about to take- off to the moon 3. In the process of a meltdown they summon an energy level that can keep it going for what seems like hours! 4. When you suggest quiet time, watch… [Read More]

R and her Minions T-Shirt

R has an overwhelming obsession with the colour blue and in particular a minions blue t-shirt. How this started and why I am not sure, but it is certainly there now. She has blue shorts and blue t-shirts and these are the only things she will wear from her extensive wardrobe! We had a bit of an issue because she was refusing to have them washed and infact would take them to bed at night time to stop us from washing them! Of course once she was asleep they’d go straight in the washing machine, but the problem of how… [Read More]

Teaching your toddlers to save money around the home

I have three and half year old twins and I think it is never to early to teach our children the value of money and how simple lessons at the toddler stage can be taken into adulthood It will hopefully help them use their own money wisely when they’re older. 1 .In today’s world water is expensive and we should try to save it so after your toddler has washed their hands encourage them to turn the tap off. I mean how many times have you gone into the bathroom and found that the tap is still running? If your… [Read More]

What Makes Your Child Feel Secure

I am a father of five children. I know! doesn’t he ever learn?! However, all five of my children had some form of feeling secure. My oldest child, J, had to have a blanket and a dummy. The blanket was a pink fleecy one with a silk edge. She would not go anywhere without it! In fact I had two blankets because one of them was always being misplaced and she would never go out or to sleep without holding the silk edge of her blanket and she had to have a dummy in her mouth too. She was fast… [Read More]

R&M on their new big bicycles

On the way home from Mr Tumbles circus we took a detour and went to Tesco’s to collect the girls new bikes. The bikes have a princess theme with a basket on the handlebars the basket is very important because R wanted her doggie to ride on her bike and M wanted her baby doll to ride on her bike.  The bikes came part assembled so I had to put a few things together not very difficult as the instructions were very good and easy to follow so it took me about 30 minutes to do both bikes.  The girls… [Read More]