Giving The Girls Bedroom A Facelift With New Duvet Covers

We live in a two bedroom bungalow, we have one bedroom and our seven year twin girls share a bedroom. A perfect arrangement you would think. Well not quite! Our twin girls are total opposites when it comes to their tastes and interests. In fact I call them my Superhero and Princess because of their personalities and character being so different.

So when it comes to their bedroom, it’s always very difficult to keep both the girls happy. Their bedroom usually ends being divided into two completely different themes.

So here are a few ideas to give a kids bedroom a facelift and if you have children sharing a bedroom keeping them both happy and allowing their individuality and different personalities shine through.

1. Decorating

When deciding how to decorate a shared child’s bedroom it’s very important to pick neutral colours that will tone in with their individual choices. You could even create a feature wall that is possibly wallpaper, but themed on something that both children love such as Disney which is something I have done in the girls bedroom. It was either that or putting up a fence down the middle of the bedroom!

2. Bedding

When you’re trying to allow your children to express their own personalities bedding is the perfect way to do this. My twin girls are no different and when I found kids duvet cover sets made by Portfolio Home which can be found in many high street stores, I was over the moon. The quality is excellent and the designs are nothing short of brilliant, especially when it comes to my twin girls with their chalk and cheese tastes. As I have said earlier, one of the girls just loves princess type designs and usually in the pink colours so the Make A Wish design with its butterflies was perfect for her. Her sister, who likes the more gender free designs, has the Retro Cassettes design which was definitely a throwback to the 80’s but it suited her personality perfectly, although she did ask me what a cassette was haha! I actually tried to explain, but my explanation was lost on her very quickly and I gave up! Maybe the cassette belongs back in the 80’s, or only on a very cool duvet cover.

The duvet sets are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The designs are beautifully crafted and well thought out to suit any child’s taste. Also should you want to theme the entire bedroom these ranges can be extended to curtains and quilted throwovers.

3. Furniture

Wardrobes and draw units nowadays come in a large array of colours, but when children share a room keeping it simple with a neutral colour is the answer. I have always applied the same principle to the beds they both too, and they have exactly the same beds.

4. Accessories

When adding accessories to a childs bedroom which is shared such as cushions or cuddly toys I have found it is a good idea to talk to children and find a common theme they both like and that usually works out well.

Giving the girls bedroom a mini facelift by using kids duvet cover sets has worked out well. As I have said because they are very different it’s important that both of them feel that it is their bedroom even though they share it and they have had an input into how it looks.

Do your children share a bedroom? What do you do to make it a happy place for them both?

I would love to know what you think of the duvet cover sets the girls picked in the comments below.

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