How The Internet Helps My life #BroadbandAndMe

We live in a world today where the internet is completely taken for granted as a must in the family home. This got me thinking about if it was taken off me tomorrow how would it affect the way I live?

You may be surprised how many things that we do in life in the home that relies heavily on the internet. Although I must admit I think that’s a good thing because it makes life easier.

Here’s a list of some of things I rely on to make life easier for me. So here we go #BroadbandandMe.

1. The one thing that I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live without is my iPhone. My entire life is on my phone, and when I’m at home being connected to the internet is vital.

2. About three months ago I purchased a Smart TV. I had been wanting one for ages and eventually my wife gave in and we bought one! To have the maximum use of a Smart TV you need broadband, it’s a must!

3. I’m a self employed painter and decorator, and on a regular basis I am having to write and print quotes for clients. The internet helps me out again with our air printer as I can type one quote, send the print job to the printer and not have to move giving me the opportunity to get on with the next quote.

4. My other job is that of a blogger. The internet is a vital, if not the most important tool a blogger needs. If you are writing a post and need to do some research, the internet is there to google whatever you may need to write your post.

5. Security of our home is also very important and no more so than when we are on holidays and a sensor camera in our home wouldn’t be possible without the internet and more importantly gives us piece of mind.

The speed of the internet is vital to me for many reasons so when I stumbled across while browsing the internet, I instantly thought this could be for me. I play a lot games online and if the speed is not right the game will lag and totally affect my lack of enjoyment of online gaming.

My reliance on the internet in the my home is huge and I don’t mind one bit because it allows me to enjoy all the very many benefits of the internet.

Luke from Caelum Communications, a company who offer business VOIP solutions, said: “Having quick and reliable internet access is massively important to both your personal and work life. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your internet providers with the best packages available.”

How much do you rely on the internet in your home? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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