My Twins Are Back In School. Oh Yes!

We are just two days into returning to school since the Christmas holidays, and I have found the relief incredible. Is that wrong?

I’m not sure, but I am still relieved for all of that. Although it was only just over two weeks long, with the holidays being Christmas and all the excitement that is involved with Christmas, it felt like 10 years!! Here is a couple of reasons why.

As you can see from this photo. Check out whats on the television

When my five year old twins are home from school or on the weekends, our tv is permanently on CBeebies. On a few occasions, I changed channels because the girls weren’t watching it, and guess what happens? Within two minutes they are moaning to have it back on!

I tell them they weren’t even watching it, but this just falls on deaf ears and they simply ask you to put CBeebies back on just so they can ignore it again within five minutes. I give in and put it back on as our background noise in the lounge. So yes! They are back in school and I can watch tv that is not going to make me brain dead, unless of course you like watching Jeremy Kyle, haha!

The floors of every room during the school holidays are constantly filled with their toys and clothes, which of course with Christmas and all the new toys they have received puts this on a completely different level of mess.

M in particular likes to change clothes on a regular basis during the day. Does she pick them up after she has changed? Not a chance!

We are forever tidying the house. So it’s nice to sit in the lounge without being surrounded by Star Wars characters, Batman or My Little Pony.

Call me sad if you will, but I love The Chase on ITV, and on a Tuesday I get to watch it in peace, because during term time the girls go to Rainbows between 5-6 o’clock. Peace and quiet and not having two five year olds constantly asking for something to eat. I do wonder at times where they put all this food. Seriously, I’m three times their size and they eat more than me.

Two days into the new school term and I actually think for the first time they were well and truly ready to go back to school.

On Monday just gone their first day back in school they were dressed ready and with rucksacks on at the front door with twenty minutes to spare! OMG! What is going on? Is this normal?

It made for a very leisurely trip to school arriving with about 10 minutes to spare and the girls were straight in the queue desperate to get to class, in fact all but ignoring me! I just managed to get a kiss goodbye. The school run just got easy, YAY!

I did read a fantastic post by John Adams at Dad Blog UK just yesterday called School Run Nightmares, which before yesterday I could identify with every word, but all of a sudden the school run stress has gone, long may it stay away.

Your children grow up so quickly, and my five year old twins seemed to have changed a lot during the Christmas holidays. They are beginning to show a lot more independence and something I have noticed which I might add doesn’t happen all the time, is that the girls are becoming more helpful around the home. Taking their plates to the kitchen after tea etc. I have to admit it’s lovely to watch. Maybe as parents we actually got something right, haha!

So that’s a little update on my five year old twins returning to school after the Christmas holidays, and am I relived? Oh yes! Very relieved.

Do you look forward to the kids going back to school? Is it right to feel this way? I would love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “My Twins Are Back In School. Oh Yes!

  1. For you, DIY Daddy, the (Christmas) Chase is over! What’s not good about getting a bit of head space, not to mention physical space, for a bit now the girls are in school? I know I love that time in the house alone, and I love it when our two arrive home from school.

  2. we were back for two days and then had another two days off because of a blizzard that kicked the hell out of us. I’ll admit to doing a little dance when she was finally back off and the old routine restored

  3. I don’t blame you for feeling relieved… it’s normal. Having to watch the same crap on telly is mind numbing. In our house it’s usually a Disney film. My girls are back at school/childminders this week which means we can get back to a normal routine. I like routine so it’s nice!

    (I wish I had time to watch the Chase! Pointless was my thing but I never get time to watch it theses days)

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