Lego City Mining Review/Giveaway With Smyths #ad

I have teamed up with Smyths to review the Lego City Mining sets, which are exclusive to Smyths. My six year old twin girls and myself absolutely love Lego so making the city mining sets was going to great fun. And being half-term a week or so ago it was perfect timing to occupy the girls for what turned out to be nearly full day. The four sets of Lego all combine to make a complete gold Mining site with lots of machinery and vehicles to extract the gold from the rock face and quarry. The main set includes everything… [Read More]

My Twins Are Back In School. Oh Yes!

We are just two days into returning to school since the Christmas holidays, and I have found the relief incredible. Is that wrong? I’m not sure, but I am still relieved for all of that. Although it was only just over two weeks long, with the holidays being Christmas and all the excitement that is involved with Christmas, it felt like 10 years!! Here is a couple of reasons why. When my five year old twins are home from school or on the weekends, our tv is permanently on CBeebies. On a few occasions, I changed channels because the girls weren’t… [Read More]


My five year old twin girls absolutely love Shopkins. They have been a firm favourite with them ever since they discovered them about a year ago. So when we were approached to do an unboxing of two brand new Shopkins, Crispy and Crumbly, we couldn’t wait. Watch the video here: How cute are they?! On October 19th Shopkins fans all across the UK will be watching SHOPKINS WORLD VACATION together and you can get your copy right here  for just £9.99. It can either be downloaded or you can buy a copy. You can then sit down in the comfort of… [Read More]

Fisher Price Shimmer And Shine Magic Carpet Ride Review

When you have five year old twin girls it’s always great to team up with toy companies. We recently teamed up with Fisher Price and I were sent this Shimmer and Shine magic carpet ride toy to review. Our girls love Shimmer and Shine. When they watch them on TV, they end up singing along and dancing around our front room! The Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Ride toy will light up your little ones imaginations. They can join Shimmer and Shine on a magical journey and adventure as they use make up games and fly the carpet around the room and… [Read More]

Nikko Elite Drone Review

I love technology of any sort, but something I have recently become very interested in is drones. They really are great fun, and I’m only just starting to learn all about them. When Nikko Air asked me to review their Air Elite 115 DRL Race Set Drone, I couldn’t wait! As I’ve said I’m very much a beginner and this particular drone is perfect for beginners. Nikko Air have teamed up with DRL (drone racing league). What they’ve managed to produce is a drone that is perfect for novices like me to learn the basics and fundamentals of drone flying,… [Read More]

Cubetto Robot Review by Primo Toys 

I was recently sent a Cubetto the Robot coding game made by Primo Toys. What is particularly special about Cubetto is that it can help children to learn about coding whilst having fun, and we all know that’s the best way to learn for children. It is aimed at 3-6 year olds. As a father I love to play games with my children and especially my five year old twins. It’s very exciting watching them learn and work things out for themselves. As a hands on dad it’s important for me to be involved with as many activities my twins… [Read More]

Mojo Box Review By Fred’s Box 

My twin girls love making collections of toys and will they will usually have a theme running through their collections. So when I was approached by Fred’s Box to review their subscription service I thought this would be fantastic for the girls. Both the girls have different tastes. The one loves superheroes and the other one loves princesses so the Mojo Box was perfect as it has a mixture of mini figures and is designed specially for twins. I knew that they would have something that suited them both. I love that all the mini figures are compatible with leading… [Read More]

Top Tips For Organising Your Kid’s Room 

Photo Credit One of the constant battles you will have as a parent is getting your kids to clean their rooms. While I can’t help you with this directly, there are a few things that you can do to make the rooms easier to organise. If you get your kids into good habits early in life, it’s more likely that they will keep them up for the rest of their lives Here are just a few things you can do to make life easier for both you and your kids. Organise the Room with Your Child.  While it may be… [Read More]