Our Twin Girls are Really Changing

Our twin girls are nearly half way though the fourth year of their lives and they are a pleasure to be around. They are funny and now beginning to laugh with us and at us! Which actually is very amusing.

They are very close to each other and are now playing games with each for long periods of time and that is wonderful and satisfying to watch. 
Mummy and Daddy are without question a very soft touch, both of us probably find it impossible to go to the shop or on a day out, without buying them something and in truth it can quite often that we end up buying more than one thing, but hey ho! Why not? You only live once and they are only this age once!

My wife takes them on day trips on a very regular basis whilst I am working and I dread it if they have a gift shop because it costs so much for entry and then that’s trebled. Haha! No holding her back!
There is no doubt that I am too soft at night time. The twins go to sleep at about 6.30 and are usually asleep by 6.45 so you’d think we get some time to ourselves, not a chance and it’s all my fault!
M will wake up anytime before nine o’clock and will sleep on the sofa till we go to bed and then sleeps in our bed all night. R will wake in the early hours of the morning and make her way to our bedroom and just climb in with her dog and blanket. 
The thing is every night I end up squashed between the two of them and I mean seriously squashed! This is where I am too soft. I know I should take them back to their beds to sleep, but I just never have the heart. I am beginning to wonder when we wont be co-sleeping with twins.

The other night did really make me giggle. On the monitor we all of sudden heard M call out, rescue me daddy, rescue me daddy! So I went and she was soundly asleep! What was she dreaming about?!
Later that night R was in our bed cuddling up to mummy, when I was awoken to hear her say Daddy, where are you daddy? Where are you? So I said I’m hear, at which point she climbed over her sister to cuddle me! Well, why not they are only little once!
I love how they are growing up and becoming more articulate with their conservation and having a joke with us, but it saddens me that they are no longer babies. 

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