Transgender Kids 

A little while ago I watched Louis Theroux’s documentary about transgender kids. I was completely engrossed by the show and the stories of children not knowing, or in fact knowing if they are in the right body or if they are the right gender. Since watching the show I have struggled to decide if it is right for children to be having gender consultations, therapy and in some cases drugs for a gender re-assignment. I will say though that it is the fundamental right of any human being to be who they want to be, and that choice must never… [Read More]

My Little Superhero and Princess 

I wrote a post in March last year called Superhero v Princess. The post was all about my five year old twin girls and although there is only two minutes between them being born they really couldn’t be more different in their likes and dislikes. I have wondered for a long time whether it’s nurture or nature and I come to the conclusion that it really has to be nature. Neither my wife nor I are passionate about superheroes or princesses so they couldn’t possibly have been influenced by us. The girls have just turned five years old and after… [Read More]

R and M: My Twins Are 5 Years Old Today 

R and M are five years old today. My twin girls are really starting to grow up. It’s frightening just how quickly the last five years have gone. It doesn’t seem like yesterday that we were bringing them home from Neo-natal after being born six weeks early and spending 27 days on a special care unit. I vividly remember picking up the car seats the girls were in and thinking the car seats probably weigh twice as much as the girls.   Now OMG! They are five years old, in school full-time and developing so very quickly. If they ever… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is my adorable, beautiful,so very cute four year old twin girls R and M.  All dressed in denim ready to go to a friends birthday party. It’s hard to imagine they will be five years old in February 2017. 

Our Twin Girls are Really Changing

Our twin girls are nearly half way though the fourth year of their lives and they are a pleasure to be around. They are funny and now beginning to laugh with us and at us! Which actually is very amusing. They are very close to each other and are now playing games with each for long periods of time and that is wonderful and satisfying to watch.  Mummy and Daddy are without question a very soft touch, both of us probably find it impossible to go to the shop or on a day out, without buying them something and in… [Read More]

Conversations with my four year olds: Gender Stereotyping

After having a conversation with my four year old twins the other day about what they wanted to be when they were older, it got me thinking.   It got me to thinking that they have no idea about gender sterotyping in society, but the reality is it’s alive and kicking. My hope and dream is that by the time they are old enough to understand about gender sterotyping that it has been eradicated once and for all in society. It’s manipulative behaviour  does conditions them that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. The twins were conceived… [Read More]

Are shops guilty of gender stereotyping kids?

I have yet again been amazed at how ridiculous the big shops are. You may ask why so I shall explain to you how disappointed I am in their attitude towards gender and clothes for our children.   We went to ASDA  on Saturday because I needed a pair of cheap jeans for my work. While we were there we decided to have a quick look at the summer clothes for our fast approaching holiday. The girls needed flip flops and maybe a pair of crocs for the beach and around the pool. My disgust at the ridiculous behaviour in… [Read More]