Planning On Popping The Question Again?

When we men take the leap to propose, we’re invested. we’ve thought long and hard, and are sure we’ve found the one. But, things don’t always work out, and if an engagement or marriage falls apart, it can be hard to get back on the horse. After all, you put yourself out there, and it didn’t pay off. Can you do the same again?

Yes you can. In fact, more than that, you owe it to yourself. But, there’s no denying that it’s going to be more difficult this time. The nerves will be double because your past experience will haunt your attempts.

To help allay your worries, ensure that, this time, you do things as well as you possibly can. You may not have intended that first time as a practice round, but that’s what it became. So, learn from it. Consider everything you could do to ensure this proposal is the last one you ever make. And, follow these steps to ensure your success.

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Consider what she wants

Despite protests otherwise, every woman wants a proposal to be special. Popping the question in bed is sure to end in disaster. Remember that she’s been dreaming about this since childhood. You might’ve done it before, but if she hasn’t, she’ll have certain expectations.

Equally, special means something different to everyone. You can’t just barge in with an outlandish gesture and expect her to love it. A shy woman wouldn’t be able to think of anything worse than a proposal which draws attention.

Instead, consider what she would want when making your plans. If she’s shy or reserved, a romantic meal and a quiet proposal are best. If she loves a party, you could propose that way instead. It all depends on the personality of your potential bride.

Get a ring beforehand

In keeping with making this special, it’s essential you get an engagement ring beforehand. Head to a company like 77 Diamonds well in advance. And, make sure you actually have the ring when the time comes! To women, a man who proposes without a ring isn’t serious. He’s obviously not thought things through, and that can be extremely off putting. What if she says yes, and you change your mind in the morning? A ring is a commitment, and it’s one you need to make.

Plan what you’re going to say

Along the same vein, you need to plan what you’re going to say when the time comes. A cobbled together proposition like ‘fancy marrying me?’ isn’t going to cut it. While it’s best you don’t come up with a half hour speech; you should put some thought into how you’ll pop the question. For the lead-up, it’s worth planning a few lines to tell her how much she means to you. This is an ideal opportunity to say the things you’ve never had a chance to. And again, it shows that you’ve put ample thought into the asking. Hence, there’s a much higher chance that she’ll accept.

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