Second Time Around: Making the Wedding Special

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Second weddings are certainly not uncommon. Some people remarry after divorce, and some after they have been widowed. Other people have a second ceremony to reaffirm their vows. A second wedding might not be second for both people getting married. Sometimes you might both have been married before, but for one of you, it could be your first marriage. Whether it’s the second time around for both of you or not, making sure your wedding is still special is important. Perhaps you don’t want to go all out like you did last time or you want the chance to have the fancy ceremony you didn’t get to have before.

Don’t Skimp on the Engagement

It might be the second engagement for one or both of you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not special. It’s still extremely exciting, and you can still make a big announcement and treat it as a big piece of news – because it is. You can still go shopping for diamond engagement rings and maybe even have an engagement party if you feel like it. For a second wedding, you might not want to have a very long engagement. However, it might be worth not rushing too much, especially if it’s only a second marriage for one of you.

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Relax – But Not Too Much

If you’ve planned a wedding before, you’ll have some experience with dealing with it all. This allows you to relax a little and avoid panicking too much. You might prefer to take a more relaxed approach to your wedding overall, especially if you’ve already done the huge and fancy affair thing. However, try not to be too relaxed about it, especially if your partner is getting married for the first time. It’s still a big deal, even if you decide to choose a small and intimate ceremony. Take it seriously but don’t get too wound up about it.

Involve Both of You Equally

A wedding is for two people, so it’s essential that neither of you feels left out. Both of you should get involved with the planning, even if one of you cares a little less about the specifics. It’s not fair if one person is doing all the work or if the wedding ends up being more about one of you than the other. You should both be able to make choices about your special day and have different elements that you will enjoy.

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Don’t Listen to the Rules

There are always certain traditions and supposed rules surrounding weddings. Even more can come out for second weddings that threaten to ruin your plans. For example, many people say a bride shouldn’t wear white at her second wedding. But it’s completely up to you if you want to listen to any of this advice. In the end, they’re just suggestions, and you don’t have to do any of it if you don’t want to.

A second wedding can be just as special as the first. It might not be your first rodeo, but you’re still marrying the one you love.

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