The Benefits of a More Laid Back Wedding Reception

For many people, weddings are about throwing a huge party and inviting everyone you’ve ever met. However, is that really the best way to organise your wedding? Or are there better ways to go about it? The laid back approach might turn out to be the best one for you because it allows you to interact with people more easily. There are lots of others benefits of this kind of wedding reception too, so read on to learn more about them. Image Source The Atmosphere at the Reception Will be More Intimate A wedding should always feel close, intimate and friendly…. [Read More]

Planning On Popping The Question Again?

When we men take the leap to propose, we’re invested. we’ve thought long and hard, and are sure we’ve found the one. But, things don’t always work out, and if an engagement or marriage falls apart, it can be hard to get back on the horse. After all, you put yourself out there, and it didn’t pay off. Can you do the same again? Yes you can. In fact, more than that, you owe it to yourself. But, there’s no denying that it’s going to be more difficult this time. The nerves will be double because your past experience will… [Read More]

Second Time Around: Making the Wedding Special

Image sourced from Pixabay Second weddings are certainly not uncommon. Some people remarry after divorce, and some after they have been widowed. Other people have a second ceremony to reaffirm their vows. A second wedding might not be second for both people getting married. Sometimes you might both have been married before, but for one of you, it could be your first marriage. Whether it’s the second time around for both of you or not, making sure your wedding is still special is important. Perhaps you don’t want to go all out like you did last time or you want… [Read More]

Smart Couples Don’t Have To Pay Out The Nose To Get Married

Pic sourced by sasint You love each other and you’re ready to take the biggest step of your respective lives. But you’re also a smart couple that knows that having a bit of cash after the wedding might be a lot more important than spending tons on the occasion itself. So, what are some of the traditions worth breaking in order to actually enjoy having two pennies to rub together once you’re back from the honeymoon? Plan it yourself A wedding planner can be a great help in plotting out a course that helps you get through all the vendors,… [Read More]

Unexpected Wedding Necessities

From the moment a proposal is accepted, it seems like the happy couple barely have time to bask in the glow of their engagement before they have to start planning every minute detail of their wedding. Almost every single bridal magazine out there will recommend setting a budget first so that you know how much you can afford to spend on big things like the venue, dress, and catering, and then you don’t panic when you can’t afford little things like flowers and centrepieces. However, despite all your planning, there is always something that gets overlooked. If it happens to… [Read More]

Bohemian Chic Weddings Trends and Ideas 

Bohemian chic wedding trends and ideasThe idea of a Bohemian chic wedding has become one of the most popular new wedding trends of recent years. The elegant, eco-friendly approach to a wedding has been considered by many to be a sophisticated throwback to simpler times where the focus was about the love between a couple and not a lavish budget. Here are a couple of the more popular Bohemian chic wedding trends to help kick start your planning. Glass Jars The use of glass containers and jars to hold flowers is a mainstay of a Bohemian wedding. You can fill… [Read More]