Safety Gear Every DIY Enthusiast Must Own

The DIY community has got a lot of new members over the past couple of years. There are more DIY projects to try thanks to websites like Instructables and getting started with them keeps getting easier. You also have more tools and materials to work with, including advanced ones like 3D printers and ABS plastic.


One thing you don’t want to neglect when getting started with DIY projects is safety. If you are spending a lot of time outside working on a treehouse or a shed, for example, consider looking at these softshell jackets for extra protection and comfort. Other safety gear is important too, and we are going to list the key items in this article.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are useful for most DIY projects. You want to protect your eyes from debris, loose particles, and other objects that can harm you. When choosing a pair of safety glasses, however, you want to be extra certain that you are getting a durable pair.

Pick a pair that is OSHA-regulated and that is labelled ANSI Z87.1 for maximum protection. The glass will not break easily, and you can safely work on your projects without dealing with fog. Tinted safety glasses are also available for when you need to work outside.

Hearing Protection

Using power tools certainly makes DIY projects easier to handle. Rather than spending a lot of time cutting materials, for instance, you can cut them in seconds using a jigsaw or a circular saw. Power tools are also handy for intricate work, including giving the materials’ surface a smooth finish.

Unfortunately, power tools can be very loud, so you will have to take steps to protect your hearing. A pair of earmuffs is all you need to stay protected in a difficult environment. In this case, you can also substitute protective earmuffs with noise-cancelling headphones, especially if you want to enjoy some music while working.

Work Gloves

Another safety gear that you cannot afford to skimp on is a pair of work gloves. You really want to invest in a good pair for maximum protection. Anything less than high-quality work gloves will not provide sufficient protection against cuts and other injuries.

Bad work gloves can even cause problems because they usually hamper your movement. High-quality pairs, on the other hand, are designed to be durable while giving you maximum flexibility and mobility. I personally love the tactile work gloves from Ironclad for their durability and great designs.

Softshell Jacket

Another must-have when spending time outside is a softshell jacket. Softshell jackets may not be one of the basic safety items for DIY projects, but it is a protective item that comes with a lot of benefits. For starters, softshell jackets – like a good pair of work gloves – are designed to offer maximum mobility and comfort.

Engelbert strauss has some fantastic softshell jackets in its catalogue. The materials for ES softshell jackets are incredibly lightweight and elastic. Dryplexx in particular is very breathable while still offering sufficient protection against wind and water. You even get a stylish design and there’s a great selection of colours. That is more than ideal, engelbert strauss also offer a range of other items that could be useful to you. This includes tools. Have a browse, grab yourself a new jacket and whatever else you need. 


Doing some painting? Working on a project with fibreglass? Then you need a mask. Toxic particles in the air could harm your lungs, which is why investing in a high-quality mask or respirator is a good idea. You also want to wear a mask when working around the house, such as when cleaning the gutter or power-spraying the garage.

Any mask is a good start; getting a half-mask respirator with filters is even better. 3M has a lot of masks you can choose from. There are even masks designed for specific work environments, which means you can use masks with filters designed for sawdust and switch the filters to block paint particles before continuing with the project.

Work Boots

Next on the list, we have work boots and safety boots. People often mistaken one for the other, but these two are different things. Work boots are designed primarily to protect your feet and keep you comfortable while working. Safety boots, on the other hand, add reinforcements to certain areas; they are less comfortable, but offer better protection.

Work boots are usually enough for most DIY projects. A good pair minimises many of the risks associated with working on different surfaces and in different environments. Check the flexibility of the sole and the protection level before making your purchase decision. You have fashionable designs to choose from too if you want to keep your DIY attire in sync.

Other safety gear can be added once you have these essential items in your arsenal. An anti-static bracelet, for example, is great for when you are working with electronics. All of these items are available online through sites like engelbert strauss; adding these essential items to your DIY toolkit will not be difficult. You might even find some deals and special offers along the way.

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