Sharing Your Children’s Lives Online

This is an interesting topic for me mainly because I have an advantage over a lot of parent bloggers. Most parent bloggers in general are sharing the lives of younger children, and in truth those children have little or no say as to what is published on their parents blog about themselves. There is a possibility that all that sharing could come back to bite them on the bum as the children grow up. Then again, the children could grow up enjoying being the star of mummy or daddy’s blog.

If you are a parent blogger, the only way in my humble opinion the blog works, is if you share your children’s lives online. Of course that will create a digital footprint from a very early age. Many people and bloggers are now saying that’s not a good thing.

Personally I can’t see the harm.

They are growing up in a technology based society, and all of this sharing of their lives will be the norm by the time they are on the internet on their own. So where is the harm?

The harm could of course be that they want to be in the shadows, and this is not something they want. Of course by the time they’ve grown up, it’s too late because you’ve already shared all this information and photos of them online, but a parenting blog simply doesn’t work without sharing your children’s lives.

At the beginning of this post I said I have a slight advantage over some parent bloggers so I will explain what I mean by this. I have three older children who I share stories about of when they were younger, and of course what they’re doing with their lives now they’re older.

On very rare occasions, one of them may of said, “Dad! Please could you take that part out of this post!” However, it’s extremely rare for them to say this. Generally speaking they are happy with the posts I write about them, and this helps me when I’m writing about my six year old twin girls. It gives me the guidance as to how much I write about their lives.

There is no doubt that there is a fine balance between sharing and over-sharing online today, and you need to look to the future for when your children grow up. I often see photos of children in the bath or similar. Personally I would never do this. It’s a step too far and once it’s on the internet it’s almost impossible to remove, and I genuinely think that some images of your children belong in the home, not online.

Long term I don’t think we are doing any harm to our children, leaving them possibly open to bullying in school, and my older children are testament to that fact. Many of their friends know that dad is a blogger and never given them a problem. So if you are careful and thoughtful about what you are publishing online about your children, I personally see no problems down the line.

I actually think you can be a good quality parent blogger without oversharing your children’s lives. I also think don’t publish anything about your children that you wouldn’t want published about yourself. It’s a good guideline to what may be acceptable to your children as they get older.

Do you think you overshare as a blogger? I would love to hear.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Your Children’s Lives Online

  1. Good post Nige. As a parent who tries not to share pictures of his children online I can see your point of view.
    My other concern about sharing details of your children is from a fraudsters point of view. I’ve seen posts sharing the very happy event of a child’s birth with their full name and date of birth. Surely there might be a risk from sharing that sort of information?

  2. The duty to make one’s property safe from a particular harm relates to, and in a sense hinges on, the foreseeability of that harm.

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