Sharing Your Children’s Lives Online

This is an interesting topic for me mainly because I have an advantage over a lot of parent bloggers. Most parent bloggers in general are sharing the lives of younger children, and in truth those children have little or no say as to what is published on their parents blog about themselves. There is a possibility that all that sharing could come back to bite them on the bum as the children grow up. Then again, the children could grow up enjoying being the star of mummy or daddy’s blog. If you are a parent blogger, the only way in… [Read More]

Do you share the responsibilities in your home?

My wife and I share all the responsibility for getting things done in our home. Surely we have now left the 1950’s where the woman runs the home and the man earns the money? I cannot believe that there are homes like that anymore, but sadly there are.  This is so wrong. Women are working in much better jobs than a lot of men today and yet there are men out there that continue to undervalue women. Women are our equals and better in lots of cases.  In our home my wife works two days a week and during that… [Read More]