Six Things Men Can Expect to Do When They Have Kids

When a man becomes a father, a lifestyle change is inevitable. This can be difficult for some men who are used to a certain way of life. Others will be excited for the change and embrace it; they will welcome a child. Either way, your life will never be the same again. And that could be a good thing.

It could be a great thing!



Some men get so excited about being a parent, they record as much of their experiences as possible so that they can look back and see their child’s progression. They will also see their own progress at fatherhood.


While in years past these kind of records would be written down in a journal, nowadays they go on the Internet. Feel free to start your own blog. When you start, you will need a fatherly domain name that works for you. Then you can set up your website and start sharing your fatherhood experiences for future you to look back on.


Below are some of the things men can expect to blog about when they become fathers.


Manning Up

The first thing new fathers will have to do is man up! Whereas your lifestyle might have included working at a dead-end job with no desire to move on or move up, now you will have to take the initiative to better your position in the workplace. You should actually be inspired to do so.

No more late nights drinking with the buds (you might be able to sneak one in once in a blue moon), no more staying up till 5 in the morning playing Fortnite and consuming energy drinks. You will have the responsibility of you, your spouse, and your child on your shoulders. You will have to put the family first. This might include getting an 8 to 10 hour workday job, 40 to 50 hours a week. This will reduce your leisure time, but it is a necessity to support your growing family.


Repetitive Watchings


On the more fun side of fatherhood, expect to watch a movie 20 times in one month. Once a kid gets hooked on a movie, that is the only thing they want to watch. A lot of times, this can be daily for almost 2 weeks. It is fun to watch the first 2 or 3 times, but anything after that will get annoying. While it is okay to say “No, let’s watch something else,” you may end up with a fight.

To prevent a tantrum, you may have to use your negotiating skills to come to a compromise. If you do not have experience in negotiation, you will quickly develop them. Tell them they can watch it tomorrow but they are going to watch something else today. You will have to suffer tomorrow, but at least you had a break between viewings.




New fathers will have to mature quickly. All of those angsts and pranks you participate in with your friends will have to stop. You will have to think about how your actions could have consequences, and how such consequences could affect your family. You will have to be smarter about actions that could cause you injury. If you become seriously injured, you will not be able to support your family. Your child is depending on you to be smarter than you may currently be acting.

You will also have to accept responsibility. If you are stuck in a job you do not like and does not pay enough, and you are unable to move up, you need to get to the root cause of the issue. Yes, some employers can play politics and prevent someone from being promoted. Most are going to be based on merit, however.


If you are not receiving a raise or getting that promotion, have you considered that the issue is with you? Stop blaming others for your problems and consider what more you can do to achieve your goals. Be mature enough to see that you may be the problem. Then you can use that to help your family.




Your child will require a lot of reading to. You will have entire bookcases full of children’s books. Like with their favorite movies, you will be reading some of the same ones over and over. Just get used to it. The key for fathers to remember is to have fun with it. Use silly voices, exclaim the shouts, and sing if the characters in the books are singing. Eventually, you will come to love those books just as much as your kid does.




You will have to learn how to control your emotions. This can be difficult for someone who is hot headed, but it is an absolute must if you are to be a good father. No one wants to be around a person who is always angry or constantly throwing childlike tantrums. You will have to learn to relax in situations where your temper flares, and not show that side of you to your child.

Children learn acceptable response behaviors from their parents. If they see that it is okay for you to burst out with yells and anger, then they will learn that they can do the same. Once they pick this habit up, it is nearly impossible for them to unlearn this response. Fathers should want their children to grow into emotional healthy adults, and that begins early. That begins with you!


Role Modeling


The number one thing you can expect to do as a father is to be the role model. Be someone your child can be proud of. Do your best to rarely miss one of their games or recitals. Show patience when accidents occur. Teach  your child rather than berate them. Be the type of man your daughter should expect from a husband. Show your sons how to treat women with respect. As a father, you set the expectation. Be sure you are demonstrating it, not just saying it.

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  1. This is great advice, the transition to fatherhood can be a difficult one. My hubby still stays up half the night playing his PS4 though, even when he has to get up real early! It’s no wonder he gets grumpy, he’s always tired.

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